How To Wear A Softball Glove Properly Like A Champ

A softball glove is an essential element in the game. It helps the players in catching the softballs without hurting themselves. A softball player must know how to wear a softball glove. 

It protects the player’s hand. These gloves provide protection against ball impact. Softball gloves are more extensive and more prolonged than baseball gloves. It is more significant to catch the larger size of a softball.

Often people use baseball gloves as softball gloves. Even you can if you have no problem catching the softball. The new softball gloves improved a lot with modern technology. 

The softball gloves’ new design, material, and tools enhance players’ performance. You will find various kinds of softball gloves in the market. Most softball gloves are available in multiple styles and from different brands.

How to wear a softball glove properly

Softball players must find the right fit that matches their style and position. It helps them to get a better game performance. You must know how to wear a softball glove for a good throw and catch in the game. 

Many of you may be new to softball. Whether you are a baseball or softball player, you must have all your equipment ready.

Let us go through the basic steps of how to wear a softball glove.

Right fit:

The first and foremost step is finding yourself the perfect softball glove size to wear. Both new and pro softball players need proper hand movement and softball control. A good softball glove needs to fit the player’s hand. 

A proper player needs a softball glove that opens and closes in a snap. The gloves should be flexible enough for the players for throws. The fingers below the gloves must move. The glove must be tight enough. It must be stiff enough to allow the player to stop a ball. 

It is wise to try on several softball gloves and designs to find the right fit. Choose the most comfortable ones to open and close around the ball. 

Learn how to size a baseball glove and a softball glove from us.

Putting on the glove: 

Regular wear

You can put all five fingers in the glove finger compartments. Once you have put all five fingers, you should adjust the tightness of the glove if it comes with an adjustable wrist closure. This is the plain way to wear a softball glove.

Pointed finger 

You may put all the fingers in the specific grip holes of the glove. Then put the index finger out of the hole. It gives you a better grip during a catch or throw. 

Two-finger rule

You can also try two fingers in a single-finger compartment of the baseball glove. It is a trick many softball coaches swear by. You can try this by putting two fingers in your pinky finger grip. 

Then get your middle finger in the ring finger grip. Afterward, the middle finger hole has your index finger. It makes the glove hang out of the hand. This also opens up the pocket of the glove. It helps the players to catch the softball.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which hand should one wear a softball glove on?

A player usually wears a softball glove in their non-dominant hand. They leave the dominant hand to throw the softball. If you are a decent softball player, you must know how to wear a softball glove.

For example, a player throwing with the left hand must wear the glove on his right hand.

What is a pocket?

A pocket is a cavity, hollow, or dent of a softball or baseball glove in the palm. The deeper the glove, the better it will be to keep the ball in the glove. Outfielders generally prefer deeper pockets for easier catching.


This article helped you to understand how to wear a softball glove. Different players like to wear their gloves in different ways. 

Try on the gloves in different techniques and choose your comfort and ability well. Practice will always make you better. 

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