Best Baseball Tryouts Tips To Remember

With summer here, baseball tryouts are going on all over the country, so there is a need for some tryout tips. Baseball or other sports tryouts are always something to dread, so looking at a few tips is always positive.

We at bestbaseballreviews strive to help you out in any way we can manage. Therefore we have done your research and talked with coaches and players to help create a list that will help.

We have worked hard to create a list of baseball tryout tips that will work for varsity league and such. Some of these teams must take special considerations into account.

Even at the high school baseball level, coaches are very particular about choosing methods when tryouts are held. While we weren’t made purview to what they are looking for, something was made clear.

All baseball coaches, be it high school or university level, are looking for reasons to either keep you or dump you. From the moment you look at the coach, the tryout has already started.

So I hope that the tips we are about to share with you will help soothe your nerves. And allow you to perform in peak conditions to get into your desired baseball team.

What to Expect in Baseball Tryouts?

After some research, we were able to compile a list of possible baseball tryout trials. Keep in mind that some of these might make an appearance, and others might not.

It is also possible that coaches will select non of these for some, and they might bring something unique. I wanted to give young players a look at what to expect from baseball tryouts and how I can help.

Baseball Tryout Trials

List of ultimate Baseball tryout trials

  1. Dynamic Warmup:

    A full-body warmup using various workouts will loosen up the body and prepare you for a series of baseball tryout trials

  2. Yard Dashes:

    In this trial, varying distance dash is done. Also, it’s one of the first trials usually done and a great opportunity for a good first impression. The yard dash will show your athleticism to the coach and put you on his list.

  3. Throwing Arm Strenght and Defensive Drills:

    In this trial, varying distance dash is done. Also, it’s one of the first trials usually done and a great opportunity for a good first impression. The yard dash will show your athleticism to the coach and put you on his list.

  4. Catchers:

    Will focus on catching and throwing to the second base. Also, they might have to catch a few throws as well.

  5. Infielders:

    Will be tested with some rough ground balls and catching balls going to either side of you. They might get situated in the shortstop position. The few criteria coaches look at for infielders are glove skills, speed of throws, and accuracy, obviously.

  6. Outfielders:

    Expect to see some ground and fly balls which you need to catch and throw accurately. Players might be situated either on the right or left field, depending on coaches and the field. For those at the right field, you will long throw to third base, and left field outfielder will long throw to second base. The few criteria coaches look at for outfielders are speed of throws, and accuracy obviously.

  7. Batting Practice:

    Some coaches will throw curves and changeups on top of fastballs to gauge your batting skills. Like with the yard dash, this is another place you can really shine.

  8. Simulated Game:

    Unusual, but some coaches do a scrimmage to check how well players work with the team

Baseball Tryout Tips

While this might be hard to hear or you have listened to before already, here is another reminder. Now I am going to say to you now is something I had heard myself when I was a young player.

Simply put, when you go to baseball tryouts, one of the first tips you should remember is that your expectation should be low or none at all.

Another essential and straightforward tip is going with the flow, meaning don’t try to predict what might happen; instead, let the coaches and tests determine what needs to be done. While those two tips for high school tryouts or another league tryouts might seem lame. But it’s going to surprise you by how many forget essential tips like these.

Both the tips or advice given are good, but they have some bad or negative aspects. Looking at both the good and bad sides of what I said might help some of you, so let’s do that now.

Good Tryout Tips

By lowering or not having expectations, you can clear your mind of nonsensical thoughts and fears. That, in turn, will allow you to attempt the baseball tryout trials better and remember some valuable tips.

Lowered expectations mean less pressure on yourself, which in turn means a better chance of completing the trials.

Having said all that, there is the negative implication of following the baseball tryout tips I said at the start of this section.

Bad Tryout Tips

While going with the flow is never a bad thing, you shouldn’t always do it. In the case of the tip, I said before what I meant by that might not be evident to all. So here is a more detailed explanation.

In a baseball tryout going with the flow means not take every test with complete seriousness. Instead, you should be looking at the trial and adequately analyze it.

Try and understand what the coach is looking for before you start panicking.

Having said all of that now is the time for me to properly get into baseball tryouts tips that are less well-known and more helpful.

7 Baseball Tryouts Tips
7 Baseball Tryouts Tips

Be Early

One of the biggest things you must remember for baseball tryout tips is to be early. This might seem insignificant, but showing up early with all your gear shows the coach you are eager and competent. 

You should have all your gear and a mental image of what is expected of you during the tryouts. Show the coach that you want to be there and are a serious player.

Look the Part

When going to a baseball tryout, a tip should be looking the part since this is serious business both for you and others who came. So to make a first impression after a long break is essential even if the players and coaches are people you happen to know.

As I said before, the first impression you make can sometimes determine if you are worth looking into in some coach’s eyes. In my and other I know experience you can do a few things to get that favorable impression.

The first part of the tip is to try to come to the baseball tryout as early as possible. On top of making yourself look like someone serious about the trials, you will have some time to yourself to get ready.

With the extra time in your hand, you can sign up and take a walk around the baseball field. Play catch with a partner and do some light warm-ups, amongst other tasks.

The second part of the tip is to dress like a baseball player during tryouts. You are coming to the tryout to join a baseball team, not hang out or mess around. Dress as you mean it, just like if you were going to a job interview.

The best way of showing you want to be there is to wear baseball pants, an athletic shirt, clean cleats, a baseball cap, and having your clean glove and batting glove. If you’re going to, you can wear something else in place of the pant and shirt, but they should still be appropriate.

Be Prepared

Since before the tryouts, most players haven’t done a lot of training; they might be rusty. So it is both a good idea and a tip if you take some time to practice some of your skills.

Even if you can do only a few batting and pitching drills, do them. Just by taking your gloves out and doing some simple catches and hitting, a lot of the old rust will fall off.

For the most part, you won’t know what’s in the baseball tryout, so the tip is to make an educated guess. So guess what might be in the tryouts and train for it. For example, the 60-yard dash is quite common in baseball tryouts, so you should be doing 100 yead dashes to prep yourself.

Alongside the physical prepping through weight lifting, running, and throwing or hitting drills, you should also prepare your mind. To many people, mental fortitude is still unnecessary, but actually, it is crucial.       

By running through your plays for your position in your mind, you will go through many scenarios. For example, as a catcher, I go through different plays related to my position, such as snagging a ground ball and throwing it to the second base for a runner out.

Doing these mental drills makes it easier to perform during the actual baseball tryout since some of the routines match what I envisioned or are similar, which helps me relax a bit.

Play Baseball with 100% Focus

During high school baseball tryouts or another league tryouts, our tip is your primary focus should be to stand out and to do that; you need to put yourself out there with everything you got. None of the coaches are looking for someone that can do everything; instead, they are looking for someone that wants to be there.

By playing with all your focus on the trials, you can make yourself look like someone that wants to be there. To get into the mindset of giving it, you’re all you need to plan by a few weeks or a month or so.

During throwing trials, make sure to throw as hard as you can. Basically, try to make your throws of a ball hard and powerful enough to go from right field to third base. You might even be tested as a center fielder to see if you can have corner outfielders confidence.

The accuracy of the throw can be average, and that’s acceptable. Having a powerful thrower in their team is better than a slow catcher or thrower whose accuracy is above average. A fast thrower can easily be trained to throw more accurately.

In the batting trials, swing hard and swing fast; that will be enough. With a quicker hip movement and a superior arm, you will be able to hit a baseball farther. Surprisingly not all players can do that, so those that can catch the coach’s eyes.

Like power throws, left or right-handed pull hitters who can swing hard can later learn to mind the more minor details. Too much pop in a tryout is never a bad thing.

Try to calm your nerves and anxiety and play to the best of your abilities. If you can do that, I have the utmost confidence in every baseball knowledgeable player. In any sport, the best and quickest athletes are the ones that can face any obstacle with a clear mind. 

Have Proper Attitude

While playing to the best of your ability is all well and good, few other aspects can give you an edge during this selection process. Being able to show yourself off and have the proper attitude can help increase your chance of getting in.

Just because you played baseball well won’t automatically mean that you will get selected. That is because the coaches will see that you have the skills but not the attitude in many ways.

Players that don’t have the necessary skills but can perform well enough might make it through just their actions sometimes. Again, that might be because the coaches see that the player is willing to work for it. This baseball tryout tip is basically common sense.

Follow the coach

Remember that coaches know what they are doing. The baseball tryout tip is to make sure to pay attention to what they are saying and doing. And follow their instructions to the letter if possible.

Also, don’t be reluctant to ask questions and ask for additional explanations if you aren’t sure what to do. Coaches know that some might have problems understanding or doing something, so they are more than willing to help players are out. In fact, they might be looking for players willing to ask for help as that can be a good indicator of a player who knows their limit.

Moreover, don’t be shy about raising your hand and answering any questions the coaches might ask. Even if you don’t have the proper answer try your best to give an adequate one, and that might be good enough. Answering questions even if they aren’t perfect will tell coaches that you are a knowledgeable baseball player.

Have confidence

Making mistakes is ok since it will help you know what not to do the next time you attempt the same thing. But making a mistake, like missed balls, and not trying the trial or problem again is the wrong play.

Having the confidence to do something after failing is the mark of both a good player and a good person. If you failed in one part of the drill, don’t stop; instead, calm down and move on to the following routine.

After making a mistake, if you can show the confidence of attempting the subsequent trial, you will seem like an intelligent and resilient player.

Be a team player

Since the beginning, baseball has been and continues to be a team sport. Each team member needs to work together and pool their skills to come out as the winners.

While we aren’t asking you to mess around during the tryouts, be a team player and watch out for the rest of your group. If infield errors occur due to teammates, give them some encouragement.

During group drills, make an effort to communicate with the rest of the players and work together. Being a team player will matter, and all coaches are looking for them.

Have fun

Many of you might be thinking, “Wow, that’s some advice.” But it is a good baseball tryout tip because if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you won’t be good at it. The same applies to something like a baseball tryout.

By having fun and seeing the game and tryout as entertaining, you will be able to give your all more easily. The coaches will also be looking to see who loves baseball and who is just at the tryout for other reasons.

The more pressure you put on yourself, the worse you will perform. Having fun will allow you to relieve some of the pressure and improve your performance.

Don’t Fixate

Know that you aren’t a jack of all trades, so there will be some drills and tests that you will fail to reach expectations. So have an open mind and follow the 3-second memory. 

Refrain from lingering on what you failed at, and keep on moving. Refrain from fixing your failure and focusing on the next task in front of you. The most prominent athletes on the planet train themselves on the 3-second memory.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How To Be A Good Outfielder in Baseball Tryouts?

To be a good outfielder during baseball tryouts all that you need to do is follow some of the basic rules that all outfielders should know by heart. These rules are less like rules and more like guidelines that help outfielders know what to do in different situations in a quick and reliable manner.

While I won’t be listing these guidelines here the gist of it is that outfielders need to be constantly moving about while keeping the infielders and the hitter in their sightline. Once the ball has been hit and is near the outfielders they should be tracking it while moving to intercept it.

The moving and tracking need to be simultaneously so the moving aspect has to become instinctive.

What is the best Wood Bat for Baseball Tryouts?

While there is a whole article on which is the best wood bat of 2021 here is just our personal preference of wooden bat that might help you with your tryouts. The Rawlings Big Stick Elite Maple/Bamboo Composite Bat is our choice for the best wooden bat to take to your tryout.
This remarkable bat from the folks at Rawlings is full of contradictions. While the maple and bamboo bat is dense and hard it also is flexible and durable. How cool is that!? So for those extra fast and hard swings, nothing else will do as good as this.
Also, this amazing bat comes in both the 243 turns and 110 turn model so if one model doesn’t suit you the other will very likely.

What is the best Baseball Glove for Baseball Tryouts?

Similar to the baseball bat situation we have written articles on gloves before but in this context, we are looking for a glove that might give you an edge in the competition.
After much debate amongst the staff, we went with the Rawlings Select Pro Lite as the best affordable glove for tryouts, especially the youth ones. The durable design with its excellent webbing and fielding capabilities made this an obvious choice for us.
we have articles for youth batting gloves and outfielder gloves as well if you need them.

How to hit a baseball like a pro in Baseball Tryouts?

Firstly make stronger swings with faster bat movement. Secondly, move your hip in a quick fashion for better aim and longer hits. Shockingly doing both seems to be rare so all coaches are on the lookout for those that can do both.

To Conclude

It doesn’t; if this is your first or your nth number tryout, I can guarantee you that you will be nervous. Being nervous isn’t something you can stop, but you cannot let being nervous ruin your chances of succeeding in the drills.

Follow the tips I mentioned to the best of your abilities and good luck!

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