Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear: MLB Jake Rogers Choice 2022

Out of all the catchers in the MLB, more than 20% of them wear Mizuno. So many wear them because Mizuno baseball catchers gear uses the best materials and comes with numerous protective features. Over the years, they have brought to market multiple models, each of which did its job as it’s supposed to.

In this article, we will be looking at one, in particular, meant for those youth catchers gear. Our top Mizuno youth catcher set; is the Samurai youth catchers gear set. This model also comes in intermediate and adult sizes, but we will only look at the youth model. If you are a softball player the Mizuno softball catchers gear is top tier as well.



Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear



  Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set


  6½" - 7¼", 14", 14.5"

Age range

9 - 12



Model year





Parts of Mizuno baseball catchers gear set

Now that you have seen the overview of the Samurai youth catchers gear, we can get into the details of the gear. We will be informing you about each part of this best baseball catcher gear set. You will learn why we think these catcher gear parts work so well and their features. Additionally, we will also tell you if there are any disadvantages to wearing any of them. Since no single catcher’s gear is perfect, there might be some cons that might be present.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher’s Helmet

Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Helmet
Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Helmet

To start our review on the Mizuno youth samurai catchers gear set, we will be looking at the helmet this set includes. While the helmet might not look all that impressive, you will come to understand how high quality the helmet is once you wear it. From the material choices to the design, the helmet was built to be remarkable and protective.

Firstly the helmet provides complete head protection thanks to its strong steel frame mask. While protecting your head, your vision will be wide and clear since it has thin steel bars. The helmet comes with ventilation ports at key locations for some much-needed comfort and breathability. The helmet also has 3 layers of EVA foam padding that gives you both comfort and protection. 

Since you will need a custom fit, the helmet comes with an adjustable jaw pad which works well in moisture control and comfy fit. Finally, the helmet meets all the NOCSAE standards. The helmet fits 6½” – 7¼” heads.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Chest Protector

Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Chest Protector
Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Chest Protector

It is true that getting hit in the head with a fast baseball causes severe injuries but getting hit in the chest can be just as dangerous. Therefore, catchers need to wear protectors for the chest to protect them completely. In this regard, the Mizuno samurai chest protector is the best choice for youth catchers. 

For the best impact protection, Mizuno added Low Rebound Technology which provides better ball impact protection. To protect your side from rouge pitches, this protector has detachable wings, which also help you get a good fit. Mizuno’s DRYLITE™ inner lining helps keep you dry and comfortable.

Additionally, the grippy surface of the chest protector aids catchers with their ball control. Protecting catchers from injuries requires catchers to wear theirs properly. To help with that, this protector has a strapping system with dual buckles.

Finally, for some personalization, Mizuno added a Personalized Name Plate or PNP to prevent Sock Identity Confusion or SIC for short. The youth samurai Mizuno catchers gear’s size is 14″.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Leg Guards

Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Leg Guards
Mizuno Baseball Catchers Gear _ Leg Guards

For the most part, the most baseball injuries that catchers experience comes from the chest and head. However, since catchers tend to spend most of their time on their knees, they require some good leg guards. The Mizuno samurai youth leg guards are quite the choice due to how well its made.

Firstly, we need to talk about this leg guard’s unique design, which increases its durability, performance, and comfort factor higher than most other models on the market. At the same time, the design of the guards makes it quite lightweight without sacrificing anything.

While its design is quite unique, the most impressive features of this shin guard are its detachable K-Pad and its triple knee caps. The detachable K-Pad gives the catchers a superior fit and protection. On the other hand, the triple knee caps help increase the catcher’s mobility and flexibility. 

Finally, the shin guards have DRYLITE™ inner lining, which has great moisture wicking properties and so your knees will stay dry. The Mizuno youth samurai catchers gear size is 14.5″.

Pros of Samurai youth baseball catchers set

  • Complete catchers gear set
  • A great choice for youths
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Durable
  • Well ventilated
  • Greater ball impact absorption
  • Maximum protection
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Better mobility
  • 1-year warranty

Cons of Samurai youth baseball catchers set

  1. Only for youths
  2. Wide price range
  3. Only for baseball catchers

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How good is the samurai youth baseball boxed catcher’s gear set?

Among the many baseball catchers’ gear we have tested and tried out, we believe that the Mizuno youth catchers gear is a great choice for beginners and youth players. The reason for this is that this gear set includes all the features you will need to protect yourself as a catcher without compromising your comfort.

Which MLB catchers wear Mizuno?

As I have said initially, more than 20% of MLB players choose to wear Mizuno catcher gear and mitts. Among the many catchers, some of the more popular ones are Detriot Tigers Jake Rogers and Washington Nationals Yan Gomes. Both have said that Mizuno is their top gear choice.

What do you need to measure your chest protector size?

To measure your chest protector, size can be measured really easily. For the correct fit, you will need to start measuring from the neck to the top of your waist. Afterward, you will need to select the chest protector that matches your measurement the closest.

What size is youth catchers gear?

Most youth sized gears are meant for 9 to 12 year old kids. The size that matches them for chest protectors is 14,u0022 and leg guards should be 14.5u0022. Helmet sizes can be between 6.5 u0022 to 7.25u0022.


The Mizuno samurai youth baseball boxed catcher’s gear set is one of the better choices any catcher can make. Each piece of gear from the helmet to the chest protector and shin guards provides complete protection and utter comfort.

The Mizuno gears have been the top choices of many MLB players, and with good reasons. Mizuno is known to make some of the best baseball catchers mitt for youth as well. Therefore if you want to up your game to the next level, this gear set might be your ticket to greatness.

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