Best Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet To Break The Barrier

One part about the baseball game that some newbies need to learn is that the players use something other than casual rubber boots or indoor soccer boots. 

Now, a baseball game is played with plenty of strength, which means that the players will have to use shoes that will keep them fully grounded even when they have to run. 

This article will look at the 4 best baseball cleats for wide feet. 

Baseball cleats for wide feet 

The best baseball cleats for wide feet are: 

The New Balance Boys’ 4040 V3 Cleat

Do you have a young baseball player kid that has wide feet? If yes, the New Balance Boys’ 4040 V3 is ideal for your kid. Understand that as one of the best baseball cleats for wide feet, it aptly combines speed on its base paths. 


  • Rubber soles
  • Low profile look 

It gives power while at the plate and is great for the speed needed to go around the bases. With this cleat, the user can play for long hours, irrespective of whether at the gymnasium or in batting cages. 

One thing to remember about these cleats is that it is imported and comes with a low-top arch. However, the rubber soles make it perfect for those with wide feet. 

Since it comes available in diverse sizes, you can get this cleat for those who do not have wide feet. However, remember that this product has many wide variations in each size. 


  • Great for all ages
  • Ideal option for kids
  • Diverse wide foot range


  • Available in a few colors 

Why we love it 

My kid loves this baseball cleat because it is a fantastic version of its mature pair of the same model and brand. More so, you will find a few brands making cleats for kids with wide feet. 

The New Balance 4040 V5 For Men

One thing to note about the New Balance brand is that they are available to make some of the best baseball cleats for wide feet in both kids and adults. Its 4040 V5 model is available for men with wide feet. 


  • REVlite midsole 
  • TPU studs

Note that this product’s upper part uses synthetic plus lightweight material. As expected, it comes in a low-profile design and the traditional lace-up system. 

This system allows it to create a comfortable yet snug fit so that the player can keep his mind on the game and not on the footwear. More so, there is a strategically positioned cushion within it for comfort. 


  • Provides maximum comfort 
  • Diverse color variations 
  • The rubber sole makes it durable


  • It is quite expensive

Why we love it 

I love this baseball cleat becomes it comes available in sixteen fantastic color combinations. More so, you can pick a size that fits well as its sizes begin from five inches to seventeen inches. 

The New Balance 3000 V4

One fact about the New Balance brand is that it is committed to making its shoes primarily for men. This means that if you have wide feet, you have nothing to worry about, as New Balance has you covered. 


  • Ultra heel 
  • Full-length fresh foam

This is one of the highest quality and best baseball cleats for wide feet made with breathable textile material. This cleat also uses synthetic rubber in its build, making it durable. 

It does not matter how hot the baseball game gets; you will not need to worry about your footwear as you will not have stinky feet or sweat. This is because its inner is breathable and washable like a sock because it is removable. 

This cleat comes in roughly fourteen unique and different patterns and colors. In addition, it makes use of powerful and fresh foam. As a result, there is nothing to worry about when it comes down to its outer spikes.  It is because it sinks quickly into the ground and will hold you firm against gravity.


  • Available in diverse sizes
  • Inserts are removable 
  • Highly durable 
  • Comfortable 


  • Absence of velcro fastening

Why we love it 

I love using the 3000 V4 because it is amazing for adult baseball players. In addition, it has long-term benefits and will keep you firm. 

The Adidas Adizero Afterburner Cleat

As one of the best baseball cleats for wide feet, the Adidas Adizero Afterburner is among the lightest cleats you can find. 


  • Sprintframe plate 
  • Iron skin toe cap 

This cleat will give you fantastic traction while on the field. Additionally, its iron skin toe cap offers lots of resistance to abrasion and protects your toe drag area. 

It also comes with Litestrike ECA midsole, which makes it lighter than the traditional midsole. Interestingly, this cleat has a sock-like build that will lovingly hug your foot.


  • Lightweight construction 
  • Snug fit 
  • Breathability


  • Metal cleats are unaccepted in certain leagues

Why we love it

Due to how well the Adizero Afterburner is built, it’s a fan and player favorite. The lightweight cleat makes playing long games of baseball much easier.

Best Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet _ Parts
Best Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet _ Parts

Things to consider before buying baseball cleats for wide feet

For those interested in getting one of the best baseball cleats for wide feet, it must be noted that there are factors you should consider. These factors are: 

The material 

Understand that the material used in the upper body of a baseball cleat is either synthetic or leather. However, leather is most famous as it offers protection while capturing the eyes. 

More so, leather gets to stretch to the size of one’s foot though it can be heavy and ends up being quite costly.

As for synthetic, it is manmade and way cheaper than leather. More so, it is lighter and will not stretch with time. However, some of the popularly used Synthetic materials today are polyester, nylon, and acrylic. 

The ankle support 

When it comes to ankle support, bear in mind that cleats are made in three styles. The first style is the high cut which offers amazing ankle support. And it helps prevent ankle sprain risks or similar injuries. 

The second style is the mid-cut cleat for baseball players who want moderate ankle reinforcements and enough space to move quickly. 

The third style is the low-cut cleat, which provides enough space for movement and is typically narrower than the others because it is crafted for speed. These are light though they are not so durable. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Should my baseball cleat be tight or lose fitting?

Even if you have wide feet, the cleat’s fit should be snug enough with little space in the toes. 

What type of cleats do the MLB players wear?

Most of them wear metal cleats as it is the most proffered amongst players. 


Do you need the best baseball cleats for wide feet? Your requests have been answered as we have outlined some of the best. Your wide feet should not be an excuse anymore, as brands are putting you into consideration now.

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