Best Baseball Catchers Gear: Top 10 Long Lasting Gear in 2022

For those unaware, catching is the most challenging position when playing baseball. And, this is why you will need the best catchers gear in your corner. 

There are things out there that make people refer to catching as a tasking duty. These things range from wild pitches and fly balls to foul balls and even diverse collisions at the plate with runners that are charging up. 

Nevertheless, when caught in this position, the best thing for you is to use good protective gear. 

Suppose you need to keep safe behind your plate. In that case, we must assure you that padded chest protectors, hockey-style helmets, and even complete coverage leg guards are necessary. 

To bear in mind, catcher’s gear is currently more technologically cutting-edge than it was back in the day. As a result, the leading manufacturers of these catcher’s gear sets use highly innovative designs plus materials.

As a matter of fact, they do this to make the baseball catcher’s gear stronger, highly comfortable, long lasting, and functional. However, you should carry out your research on diverse products and test the gear set for adequate fit before purchasing. 

When it comes to any catching gear, best believe that your comfort and protection counts a whole lot. 

Even though this baseball equipment may be expensive, you must note that you will be much more protected with a $150 chest protector than the $30 chest protector. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a youth player, part of the high school catchers, or just an adult league player. However, you will need to go for quality when purchasing your catchers gear sets at the end of the day.

What Will You Find In the Catcher’s Gear Set?

Before we delve into the best-rated youth catcher’s gear, you must know what to find in the catchers gear sets.

Bear in mind that the catcher is more vulnerable to injuries while playing the game. Hence, it is only important that one attains maximum safety. The catcher can do this by investing in the best catchers gear. 

Nevertheless, the catcher’s gear set comes carrying things such as:

A Catcher’s Helmet

If you never knew, the catcher’s helmet is a protective device that helps to keep the catcher’s head from getting hurt during the game. This device protects catchers from severe head injuries that lead to either a concussion or a terrible hemorrhage. 

Normally, the NOCSAE approved helmet is neither very loose nor too tight. However, some helmets are available in two pieces. They come attached with a catcher’s mask. 

More so, they can be adjusted per the fitting of the catcher. 

A Chest Protector

The chest protector is structured in a way that it resists an impact. When the catcher is struck, the chest protector helps absorb plus distribute the forces of the ball. Thus, it helps prevent serious injuries like broken ribs or even worst cases like cardiac death. 

A Leg Guard

The catcher’s leg guards are gears that provide maximum protection from all kinds of injuries during the game. As they manufacture these leg guards, it is in the manufacturers’ minds to make them comfortable to move around quickly. 

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Catcher’s Gear

The first thing is that the buying instructions tend to get different for diverse individuals. 

One may require detailed information about the catcher when picking the ideal catcher’s equipment. 

Note that, based on their playing level, the preferences and needs of every player varies. The players with more practice time on the ground will certainly need the gear kit, chest protector, leg guards, and helmet at a higher-end that will last for plenty of seasons.

So, we will offer you some pointers that will help you purchase the catcher’s gear sets. These pointers are:

The Buying Guide to Consider For The Helmet

Aside from safety, comfort is a great factor that completely steals the show. If the catcher is not comfortable, their minds will not stay focused on the game. As a result, a distraction will occur, resulting in them performing poorly or having an accident. 

Picking a suitable helmet is the first step toward safety and becoming a responsible player. The helmet you choose must perfectly fit your head as it covers your scalp and face. 

Surprisingly, it is meant to act as your throat guard. In any case, you can choose from two types of helmets: the hockey-style helmet and the traditional helmet. 

For the hockey-style helmet, it offers the most protection. In contrast, the traditional helmet is light and easy to toss off. However, the majority of the high-level leagues prefer the traditional helmet as it provides an amazing field of vision. 

As you purchase the helmet, ensure that you pay attention to its size. In general, these helmets come in two universal sizes. One is for the adult catcher’s gear and another for the youth catcher’s gear. 

Needless to say, some manufacturers make them small and large. Of course, the twelve-year-old players can pick the small ones, and those above thirteen can go for the large ones. 

The Buying Guide to Consider For The Chest Protector

Another vital part of the gear set is the catcher’s chest protector. Understand that it can turn into the wrong fit if you do not buy it with the fundamental knowledge of the chest gear. 

A baseball chest protector comes with a removable groin cover attached with either snaps or velcro. 

High-level players usually make use of cups and not groin protection. However, when it comes down to the youth leagues players need a groin protector. 

As for its size, the chest protector comes in about three sizes adult, intermediate, and youth. Firstly, that of the youth fully covers the ages from nine to twelve years. 

Secondly, the intermediate covers the ages between twelve to fifteen. Finally, the adult covers the age of sixteen and above. So, if you need more accurate sizing, you can go ahead and measure your torso from the neck down to just above the waistline. 

It must be noted that the groin is uncovered. Therefore, your chest protector will have to cover the stomach from all forms of injuries. The chest gear is made available with straps to adjust its fitting. 

As you adjust the straps, bear in mind that it should only be tight enough to cover your collar bone but not loose that it comes up to your chin while squatting. 

The Buying Guide to Consider For Leg Guards

Remember that leg guards are simply God sent for the knee area. It is the savior from scraping whenever you attempt to stop low pitches in the dirt. 

In fact, they have been crafted to absorb energies or even impact of save the knee from being severely wounded. Since knee injuries can be quite painful and sometimes cause dislocations. 

You are to look out for your knee cap as you buy the best catcher’s gear sets. When it comes to its size, similar to the chest protector, the leg guard is usually manufactured in three groups; adult, youth, and intermediary. 

Note that it comes with adjustable straps that are attached to ensure it is in place. In addition, the leg guard comes with a knee cap that can be adjusted with a strap and velcro.

Ways To Find The Size Of The Catcher’s Gear You Desire

While you can use sizing your baseball glove whenever you want, it must be noted that sizing the catchers gear is quite different. 

Therefore, finding the ideal size of catchers gear you desire, you will make the appropriate measurements of your leg, torso, and head. It goes thus:

The Helmet

Firstly, you will need to take a flexible measurement tape for the ideal size helmet and wrap it all-around your head, over your ears. Also, ensure that it crosses over the occipital bone. 

The occipital bone feels like a little hump at the back of the head, and it must stay parallel to the ground. Your measurements should be in inches following your comfortable snug fit by loosening or tightening the tape. 

Finally, this will be the head circumference, an inch or two, give or take, that you will search for in the helmet as you purchase the catchers gear set. 

The Chest Protector

For this purpose, you are to stand straight in front of your mirror, take the O-marked ends of the measuring tape, and position it at the top of your sternum. Moreover, ensure that the other end of the tape falls straight down on your body. 

Note that the marketing of the tape where it gets to your belly button is where you are to take the mark. 

The Leg Guards

Finally, you are to measure the size from the middle of your knee straight to the bottom of the shin. 

Also, you are to do this by standing up straight. In short, using a measuring tape to measure the length between the middle of the knee cap and the bend of the ankle will assist you in taking this measurement. 

Note that you can wear loose cloth to easily roll the sleeves up. Or, you can wear a tight cloth to ensure accurate measurement. 

Top Ten Best Catcher’s Gear

While you can always pick the best baseball gloves of your choice when you want, we have also collected a list of the best catchers gear that you will find in the market. They are:




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WILSON EvoShield EZ Gear 2.0 Catcher's Gear Kit


MACGREGOR Youth Catcher Gear Pack


Easton Gametime Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set


Under Armour Converge Victory NOCSAE Intermediate Baseball Catcher's Set


EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set



Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set


EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set


All-Star System 7 Adult Pro Catcher's Set


Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher's Gear Box Set


Wilson C1K NOCSAE Catcher's Gear Kit Series

1. The Wilson Youth EZ Gear Catchers Kit

The features are:

  • ABS plastic lining 
  • Quick change closure system
  • ABA shell helmet
  • Adjustable strap
  • Meets NOCSAE protection standard

The Wilson Youth EZ Gear catchers kit is the best choice for people seeking the best youth catchers gear and a current youth product. Its chest protector, helmet, and leg guard are crafted to offer full protection to the player wearing it.

In its chest protector, you will find Velcro straps that will help in securing the place appropriately. 

You must also remember that this is a catcher’s gear collection that you can purchase as it comes in two sizes. Its large XL size is for ages between seven to twelve which the small-medium size is for ages five to seven. 

Surprisingly, it comes with shin guards and double knees, which will shield the front of the player’s legs. In addition, its quick-change closure system makes it easy to put on and even take off.

Also, this catcher’s gear set comes at a great price that you can easily afford. Bear in mind that its ABA shell helmet will protect you from both bats and balls.

Also, since it comes in diverse colors, you can surely match your team’s color. Furthermore, it comes in royal blue, navy, red and black. Don’t wait any more and add it to your shopping cart.

Best Seller


  • Comes with a great design 
  • Available in four colors and two size models
  • Comes with a one-time adjustable strap system
  • Lightweight product
  • Ideal for the major league baseball
  • Highly affordable
  • Approved by NOCSAE
  • Smart look


  • The fundamental design comes with minimal protective shielding
  • Not suitable for baseball games of higher levels 
  • Leg pads have loose velcro

Why We Chose This Product

It isn’t far-fetched why this product made it into our list. Aside from the fact that it has a great Youth catchers gear review and comes with amazing quality, it is also very affordable. 

I got this catchers gear for my kid, and he has made use of it for roughly two seasons. So you can be sure that it is very durable.

The Macgregor Junior Catcher’s Gear Pack

Its features are:

  • 4inches throat protector
  • Double knee pad/leg guards
  • MCB75 chest protector 
  • Hockey-style catcher’s helmet
  • Combo helmet

The Macgregor Junior catcher’s set has been designed for players between the ages of five and nine years. Therefore, it can be referred to strictly as child catchers gear. Nevertheless, it is a highly affordable option that will protect your little one. 

Interestingly, it is a great choice for the first-time catcher. Like some youth gear sets, it comes with Velcro straps and not the typical clips or buckles. So your kids can easily put it on as my kids do. 

However, its straps are not long lasting, but you can use clips to secure your leg and chest guard should it be an issue. There is a catcher’s helmet as well as a four-inch throat protector. 

More so, you will find junior double knee leg guards. But, again, you are to check out the size before you purchase it.

Even though this brand is not a well-known name anymore, its catcher’s set rate is amazing. Most parents wrote high reviews of this product as it is made with top quality. 

Best Seller


  • It is easily adjusted
  • It has an amazing throat protector
  • The chest protector comes with removable shoulder caps 
  • The leg guards wrap around the sides of the child’s legs
  • Made available in diverse colors
  • It is made with high-quality materials
  • Guaranteed one year warranty 
  • It is a highly protective gear


  • It is usually large
  • The leg guard and child protector barely fits well
  • It is not durable

Why We Chose This Product

Since the product is a combo of helmet and gear, it made it to our list. Rawlings is an amazing brand, so there is no reason to worry about anything. 

More so, I love that it comes in three colors: red, black, and royal blue. My kids love the royal blue color that I got for them. 

The Easton Youth Black Magic

Its features include:

  • ABS Shell
  • Dual-density foam liner
  • Meets the NOCSAE standard
  • Shock absorbent
  • Strong steel cage

When seeking the best catcher’s gear, remember that the Easton Black Magic is a cool choice. It is available for diverse age groups. Kids between six and twelve can enjoy most of its advantages. 

Moreover, this gear set is equipped with a hockey-style mask and gives the user a snug fit. More so, it has amazing protection due to its ABS Shell. In addition, there is foam inside the helmet that is shock absorbent.

With this product, you will be getting a Leg Guard, chest protector, and helmet. So the players will not be bothered about protection as they will be heavily protected with this gear set. 

I have not found any problem with this gear as my kids use this catcher’s set. Overall, It is a piece of great equipment to purchase for your kids.

Best Seller


  • It is durable and long lasting
  • It has a appropriately fitted design
  • It is resistant to powerful hits and bumps
  • Protects the areas of the body susceptible to ball hits
  • It is NOCSAE certified
  • It is lightweight 
  • The option for adjustment is made available
  • Players can resist fast shots swiftly with this gear
  • It has a soft chin pad.


  • There are no shoulder pads
  • It is considered expensive for those between six to eight years.

Why We Chose This Product 

Aside from giving the desired protection to kids who make use of it, the reason why it made our list range from its adjustable fitting down to its ease of use. Also, the helmet comes with a highly durable and powerful steel cage. 

This means that your kid will be protected and still be capable of viewing the fly balls as it makes its way towards them.

The Under Armour Victory Catcher’s Set

Its features include:

  • ABS plastic
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • AEGIS microbe Shield
  • I-Bar Vision mask
  • Knee and shin guards

The first thing you must note about this set is that it is quite similar to the Easton Natural catcher’s gear. However, this Under Armour catchers gear has been crafted for the youth players who love the game. 

When you purchase this product, you will discover that it has foam inserts in the sternum, shoulders, and throat. Therefore, this has been done to give extra protection. In addition, it helps in providing the young athlete a custom fit. 

It is known to come with an AEGIS Microbe Shield that provides extra comfort and helps defend against moisture and bacteria build-up. It is a fantastic development as the equipment tends to smell really bad. 

You will have a great field of view with its I-BAR vision mask as it opens up peripheral vision. 

Best Seller


  • It helps in fighting against odor-causing microbes
  • Made with a washable material
  • The chest guard is crafted with moldable plastic.
  • It is highly durable and long lasting
  • Amazing choice for beginners
  • It has hockey as if the mask is present
  • Its added shoulder padding helps to protect the non-dominant shoulder
  • It has amazing ventilation


  • Due to its metal clips, one may face opening issues
  • It is quite expensive when you compare it with other gears
  • Its sizing is recommended more to bigger athletes 

Why We Chose This Product

We love and chose this product as it comes with ventilation holes all around it. But, more so, it is crafted with dual-density material that is soft and breathable. 

I bought this catcher gear set for my kid because it is the ideal option for intermediate catchers aged nine to twelve. Also, my kid loves the throat protector. 

The Easton Gametime Catchers set

Its features include:

  • ABS shell
  • Chest plate
  • NOCSAE certified
  • Bio-Dri moisture control, and;
  • Multi-layer foams

For those who seek a catching gear set that will offer them the best experience, then you should turn towards the Easton Gametime Catchers set. It provides the best in both its price and quality. 

More so, one can customize it to fit a youth player by using the double back adjustment positioned on its chest protector. You will love the snug and custom fit once it is adjusted.

Note that its protective ABS shell has been fully layered outside with foam padding inside to help protect the catcher from those wild pitches impacts. 

I bought this product because it has a venting system that helps with scorching days. More so, I love its protective shirt. This catcher’s gear set has two pieces of leg guards. 

I did notice that my kid is safe against the grounders and fastballs with this product. 

Best Seller


  • It has both adult and intermediate sizes
  • It is approved by NOCSAE
  • This product is rated among the high-quality products you can buy. 
  • Users are cool and dry due to its sweat-wicking fabrics
  • It has a venting system
  • The shin guards have foam liners for extra safety 
  • Its steel inset waist clips assist in keeping the chest protector in place
  • The helmet provides amazing visibility 


  • Its leg guards’ padding has been reported to have a poor quality 
  • The airflow vents tend to prevent overheating when the weather is warm
  • It weighs eleven pounds, making it heavy for a youth gear

Why We Chose This Product

Aside from being a good product, it focuses on protecting the user no matter how demanding the game becomes. Its design is breathable, and I love that one can get a good amount of ventilation when they put it on. 

All-Star Player’s Series Baseball Softball Catching Kit


  • Three adjustable straps
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Double knee design 
  • NOCSAE standard

Sure, this article is about the best baseball catching gear, but we should talk about softball as well. Both baseball and softball require catchers, and these players need the very best.

The Player’s Series from All Star is one of the best you can purchase for yourself or a catcher you know. The Catching Mask uses a dual-foam liner and durable ABS shell that provide complete protection.

Player’s Series meets all the requirements from NOCSAE and is certified by SEI themselves. For maximum protection, the chest protector employs All Star’s patent-pending technology.

Finally, the leg guards from the All Star Player’s Series are also very well made. The leg guards are lightweight due to their double knee design. It comes with four adjustable straps that allow for a custom fit.

Best Seller


  • Custom fitting
  • Patented protection
  • Lightweight model
  • Complete package


  • Limited color choice

Why We Chose This Product

The Player Series from All Star is a top-quality choice for both baseball and softball catchers since it is well made. Additionally, it has multiple features that ensure the catchers protection from all angles.

The Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5

Its features include:

  • NOCSAE certified helmet 
  • High-density foam padding
  • Extra pad breaks
  • Perforated mesh lining 
  • Moisture-wicking chin pad

It must be worthy to note that this Louisville Slugger Series 5 was created by Louisville. And, it does deliver ultimate maximum protection for the youths playing behind the plate. 

This Product gives off superior protection that completely protects the top, front, and sides of one’s head from the wild pitches. In addition, its moisture-wicking pad helps to wipe sweat from the face during game time. 

I use this product because of its high-density foam padding that deadens the ball once it comes in contact with you. In addition, its mesh lining and metallic mesh cover decrease the weight and allow for better airflow.

Also, its chest protector is built with a dense memory foam that effectively absorbs and even helps in dissipating shock across the surface. In addition, its precision pad design offers heightened flexibility and mobility. 

Moreover, the shin guards come with increased impact-resistant plastic. It also comes with a double knee design that enables a better fitting.

Best Seller


  • This product has a positive brand image 
  • It comes with an amazing double knee design 
  • It comes with increased pad breaks
  • Roomy with extra space
  • Includes shoulder pads harness 
  • Users love the matte finish
  • You will love the high-density foam padding 
  • It is adjustable and elastic


  • Its helmet is quite tight
  • The straps need some time to adjust
  • The helmet is not spectacle or glass friendly

Why We Chose This Product

The series 5 set leaves players without worries because of its highly protective quality. When I got the straps in place, they did not slip easily and proved highly durable. In addition, you will love this product as it is very breathable.

The Easton Elite X Series

For its features, they are: 

  • Four-point catcher’s protector shirt webbing strap system
  • Memory foam on the ab area
  • Vented shell leg guard design 
  • Bio-Dri moisture control fabrics
  • Wide-set knee design

When playing catcher, one must have the best catchers gear in their corner. It must be noted that Easton makes sure the performance and fit of the Elite X Series are to a fantastic new level. 

Additionally, this catcher’s gear set is made available in thirteen color combinations, which means that it can match your team uniform. Also, it is one of the best catchers chest protectors recommended for players aged fifteen and above. 

Its catcher’s helmet, in fact, comes with a sturdy matter shell exterior plus a black steel cage. Also, it has a flat middle bar to provide maximum comfort and heightened visibility. 

I love that it provides padding lined with BioDri moisture-wicking fabric to give more comfort. So it makes it easy for me to play in them as it is breathable. More so, its chest protector meets up with the NOCSAE standard.

Best Seller


  • It comes with easy to adjust pads
  • It had an ergonomic chin cup
  • A wide variety of color options
  • Crafted with a black steel cage that has a flat middle bar
  • It has stacked memory foam
  • The waist clips are made with heavy-duty steel
  • Its leg guard comes with a triple knee design 
  • It has a NOCSAE certified helmet 


  • Its shin guards are quite bulky
  • Users have complained about the straps being too tight
  • It needs improvement in the stitching and padding of its helmet 

Why We Chose This Product

Due to its ability to absorb impacts from wild pitches and foul balls, we put it on our list. Also, it provides the user with fascinating rebound control. 

The All-Star System 7 Pro Catchers Set

Its features include:

  • I-BAR vision
  • RESISTANT ABS plastic shell
  • Backplate design 
  • Breathable 3D mesh padding liner
  • Moldable PE protective plates 

When buying catcher’s gear, you should consider the All-Star Pro catcher’s set. It comes with an MVP catcher’s mask, a chest protector, and even nice leg guards. But, more so, it comes with a high-impact ABS plastic shell with heightened forehead thickness.

It must be noted that the S7 All-Star is the only protector that uses wedge-shaped abs. This means that it will assist in knocking a ball down when you are blocking it. 

In particular, the intriguing thing about this gear set is that its developers have used skillfulness, creativity, and current technology in designing it. As a result, this set offers the best protection to the players who use it like me. 

I love the bars positioned on the helmet’s eye cage as they are flattened to offer the best view.

Best Seller


  • It is lightweight and thin
  • It is breathable
  • It is both durable and long lasting 
  • Protective plates are inserted within the sternum, throat, and collarbone
  • Its leg guards fit greatly
  • It comes with premium guard and protection 
  • A vast viewing range through its eye cage
  • Superior design 
  • It is comfortable 


  • You will not find knee pads in this product’s package.
  • It is expensive 

Why We Chose This Product 

Since it provides the greatest protection to one’s chest from those high-speed ball hits, it made it to our list. In addition, it comes with a huge shaped design that makes it very comfortable to wear even if the playing sessions are long. 

The Mizuno Samurai Adult Catcher’s Gear

Its features are:

  • Three-layer EVA foam padding 
  • NOCSAE certified
  • Low rebound technology 
  • DryLite inner lining 
  • Detachable K-pad 

The Samurai catcher’s gear set is crafted by Mizuno, and its a game changer. It offers broad coverage and protection whenever needed by catchers. If you never knew, it is best for twelve-year-olds and under. 

Its helmet is built with a powerful steel framed mask that protects the top, sides, and front of your head. In addition, it comes with thin steel bars to heighten visibility when catching balls. 

Since it has one of the best chest protectors, it must be noted that it has a grippy surface that assists in keeping balls close. In addition, its DryLite inner lining helps to keep my kids cool and dry. 

As for its triple knee pad design, it also offers flexibility that helps my kids vend, squat, and crouch easily.

Therefore understand that it has ventilation that has been strategically positioned for extra breathability and comfort. Interestingly, it has an adjustable jaw pad that provides a soft fit and aids in controlling sweat during the game. 

Best Seller


  • The helmet is glasses-friendly 
  • It has a dense chest foam 
  • It offers the very best chest protector 
  • Its helmet has a powerful steel construction 
  • Comes with detachable wings 
  • It has left and right protectors
  • It is lightweight 
  • The user will feel like a professional player.


  • The sizing of the leg guards are quite small
  • It is difficult to reach a full range of motion 
  • It does not have any knee pads

Why We Chose This Product 

Since young players are susceptible to injuries while playing, this catching gear designs chest foams. However, it concentrates more on padding materials for the chest protector. 

The Wilson C1k NOCSAE Catcher’s Gear Kit Series

Its features are:

  • Moisture-wicking chin pad
  • Premium grade ABS plastic
  • Inner knee pads
  • Adjustable straps
  • MLB pro-style

If you need the best Wilson catchers gear, then you are in the right place. You should check out this catchers gear set as it is durable and sturdy. Also, it is built with the MLB Pro-style making it comfortable. 

Its catcher’s helmet also meets with the NOCSAE((National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)) standard to deliver great protection and coverage. Furthermore, as one of the most amazing catchers gear sets, one gets unrestricted movements that make them stay agile and sharp.

Moreover, remember that it comes with adjustable metal buckles. More so, it offers a custom fit due to its adjustable straps. In addition, it has a glossy finish, and its lightweight leg guards have overlapping thigh pieces. 

Best Seller


  • It is made available in both intermediate and adult sizes
  • It has an over the shoulder adjustable harness
  • Its chest protector is crafted with high-density foam padding 
  • It comes with an angled pad design 
  • This catcher’s gear is lightweight 
  • Its materials are high-quality ones
  • It offers amazing protection
  • It is available in diverse colors 


  • The helmet’s padding is difficult to move
  • This catcher’s helmet is quite narrow
  • This product does not have a storage bag.

Why We Chose This Product

Aside from the Wilson brand being part of the market leaders, they also provide their clients with additional values. For example, my kids use this product, and they love the high-density foam padding that is present. 

Also, the MLB Prostyle is incorporated for enhanced durability. 

Here is a video that talks about the best baseball catchers gear:

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which brand makes the best catcher gear?

There are multiple brands that make some amazing baseball catchers gear. For the most part, the top makers of best catchers gear are:
Easton (Jen Schro is the best model)
Louisville Slugger

What is the price of the best catcher gears?

The price point for catcher gear can be different for a number of reasons. From factors such as price and size to the brand itself can change a catchers gear price. However, for a rough estimate we can say that it moves from 150 to 300 dollars.

How to size a catcher’s helmet?

Firstly, you will need to take a flexible measurement tape for the ideal size helmet and wrap it all-around your head, over your ears. Also, ensure that it crosses over the occipital bone. 
The occipital bone feels like a little hump at the back of the head, and it must stay parallel to the ground. Your measurements should be in inches following your comfortable snug fit by loosening or tightening the tape. 
Finally, this will be the head circumference, an inch or two, give or take, that you will search for in the helmet as you purchase the catchers gear set. 

At what age to wear intermediate catcher gear?

Ages between twelve to fifteen is the best range for intermediate catcher gear.


It must be noted that every catcher out there wants to feel comfortable when playing the game. For this very reason, it is necessary to purchase catcher’s gears that will make one at ease and comfortable enough to play around the pitch. At the same time, having the best catcher’s mitt.

In general, we have provided you with some of the best catchers gear out there. We have also noted why we have carefully chosen these products and what’s in them for you. 

It will be best to read through this article and make your choice before heading out to make your purchase. The catchers gears on this list will bring you the comfort and durability you deserve as you play the game. Check out our best softball catcher gear review as well.

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