6 Biggest Reasons Why Does College Baseball Use Metal Bats

Many of you have wondered why does college baseball use metal bats instead of wooden baseball bat. Every other league, from high school to MLB, is only allowed to use wooden bats but not college.

There are multiple reasons, some of which are weird, while others make some sense. We will be looking at all of them in detail, and let’s see if you agree with them.

Why does college baseball use metal bats, actually?

Using metal bats is a trend due to many reasons. From durability to performance, metal bats are always preferable. 

The biggest reasons why college baseball players use metal bats are their durability and price. These bats are made from aluminum which makes denting or damaging them quite hard. Also, these bats are easy to make. Thus they are quite cheap, so colleges can buy them.

These and some more reasons are what we will be talking about below. Check out why college players use metal instead of wood baseball bats.

Metal bats are very budget-friendly

One of the main reasons why college baseball use metal bats are how cheap they can be. It’s less expensive than wooden bats and provides more facilities than wooden bats. 

Due to how budget-friendly metal bats are, most college baseball coaches prefer them.

Metal bats hit better than wooden bats

Most college players and coaches suggest metal bats because they know their use. Leave them. Let’s try yourselves. 

Get a wooden bat and a metal bat together. You will see how different they are quite easy.

You will realize that a metal bat hits better than a wooden one. 

It’s much more popular than wooden bats as it gives more power to hit a ball and take a run. 

Metal bats provide much durability

College students need something durable that will last as long as they want. And the answer they came to this requirement is using metal baseball bats.

You may use wooden baseball bats if you wish to, as they are ancient. But honestly, they will not be able to provide you with durability like metal ones. 

Metal bats are lightweight

Apart from durability, the lightweight brings comfort, and choose the perfect swing. As a college student, you need something you can easily carry anywhere in an emergency. Almost every storekeeper keeps metal bats as it is sold much. 

Metal bats don’t get damaged easily

We wouldn’t like a piece of equipment that will get damaged easily. Wooden bats indeed get damaged faster, even after hitting the ball hard at once. But metal bats are strong enough that they won’t get damaged as fast as wooden bats. 

For many years, metal bats have been used to play tournaments and are getting population rapidly. While choosing the metal bat, check its thickness and weight ideally. Various factors depend on it. 

Only metal bats are allowed in NCAA Tournament

One of the most effective valid reasons for the NCAA Tournament is it allows metal bats. The NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association, a unisex (man and woman’s) championship tournament. 

You may practice your match with wooden bats in college, but you rather should know you can’t play with a wooden bat in the tournament. The NCAA tournament only allows metal bats to play with. Now, if you always play with a wooden bat, how will you play with a metal one on the ground? Of course, you will feel uncomfortable. 


The reasons mentioned above are the significant reasons why does college baseball use metal bats to start a baseball career from college. The proper equipment matters, as it used to show in our first impression of the game. Maximum pro players start their baseball career with college leagues. So choosing the perfect bat is essential while in college.

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