Best Catchers Mitt in 2023: 10 MLB Rated & Reviewed Products

Have you been on the fruitless search for the best catcher’s mitt? If your answer is yes, then it is important to note that there are lots of products available for you. These products are surprisingly top best in the market if you need a good mitt.

For those who are behind on their team like I once was, you will be needing the best catcher’s mitt to ensure that you make all the tough plays. This simply means that you will have to efficiently navigate our list and find the mitt that suits your baseball playing style.

While you read through this article, you will not only be learning about the best catcher’s mitts, but also find some tips on how to clean a baseball glove.

It does not matter if you are an expert when it comes to baseball. So long as you know the game, you will surely have an idea of the responsibilities of a serious catcher.

Most of the people understand that the catcher has more duties to fulfill than other younger players on the field. A serious catcher cannot defend this position by wearing just any glove.

This means that you will need to have not just any regular baseball glove, but a high-quality catcher’s mitt to be game-ready. However, there are so many brands that claim to sell good mitts that leave one overwhelmed.

As always, every brand is not as good as they claim to be. We will be taking a good look at some of the best catchers mitts out there as well as some that I have used personally.

Nevertheless, before we delve into the world of catcher’s mitts baseball gloves, it is ideal that you get an idea of what to look for in the best catcher’s mitts.

The History Of Catchers Mitt

According to the primary history of catchers mitts, the first usage of baseball gloves was initially recorded to have happened on the 28th of June, 1870.

There was a sportswriter who made it known in the news that a catcher had used a protective glove during a baseball game. At the time this was recorded, the protective glove was practically a thin leather glove that fitted tightly on the hand.

In simpler terms, the catcher’s mitts of today do not resemble the mitt that was first recorded in 1870. It must be noted that every decade since 1870, the catcher’s mitt has undergone several changes.

There have been improvements in its functionality, design, and look.

Catcher’s Mitts – Explained

Bear in mind that, Catcher’s mitts are regarded as mitts that are exclusively crafted for those that take on the position of catchers in the baseball field. The mitts are measured in circumference and not length, plus they come with oval-shaped pockets.

More so, most of the catcher’s mitts tend to have a variation of the closed web design and more padding than the usual fielder’s glove.

For those who may be new to youth baseball, you may be left wondering if the catcher must wear the catcher’s mitts or if they may wear a different type of baseball glove.

It is best to note that the diverse types of baseball gloves for every position are essential in a bid to be capable of playing in the catcher’s position. An ideal mitt like any of the best catcher’s mitt that we will outline is vital to any catcher’s equipment.

More so, it can be the thing to make all the difference in a team finishing on top during a tough game. If you are a serious catcher, you will understand that catching demands a whole lot.

As a catcher, you will need to:

  • Have a proper target for the pitcher
  • Keep revolving between diverse stance techniques
  • Be capable of blocking pitches in the dirt
  • Be capable of keeping track of those base stealers for a swift throw to second

Difference between Baseball Gloves and Catcher’s Mitts

You will need to be able to do all these while simultaneously calling pitches. From your position as a catcher, you will be faced opposite your team. This means you will be able to see the entire game as the actions go down.

Also, you will be capable of seeing the exact arc of the throw your pitcher makes. The whole job of the catcher centers around the best catcher’s mitt.

Furthermore, it must be understood that the catcher’s mitt is not a glove. However, both terms have been used interchangeably over time. Nevertheless, the difference between other gloves and mitts is distinct when it comes down to the catchers.

For starters, the other gloves have separate yet distinct finger pockets. And, it enables speed, versatility, and great flexibility, especially when you have good catching skills.

However, the catcher’s mitt is crafted to keep the fingers together. And, it goes further to trade versatility for additional security. As a catcher with good catching skills, it is ideal that you get acquainted with a mitt that is great for your style.

Factors To Analyze When Buying The Best Catchers Mitts

Even if you are playing for your high-school baseball team, it is vital to always think about the type of catchers mitt that the professional baseball players use.

While there are lots of catcher’s mitts out there, you can select the best, and they will not be as good as the brand promised. My coach once made me understand that the position of the catcher is the most crucial in the baseball field.

For no reason should you compromise on this position? You will not need to only wear the best glove. You will surely need one made from high-quality leather.

However, most people are lost on what makes a baseball glove different and the features of the best catcher’s mitt. Thus, the things you need to consider when purchasing the best catchers mitt are:

The Size

As one of the catchers out there, you may likely understand that a catcher has lots of swift movements to make with his or her catching hand as they play the game. This is why you will need a baseball catcher’s mitt that is not too loose or too tight.

You do not need a mitt that will make your hands and wrists feel uncomfortable. It is advisable to take a look at the sizing chart of the best catcher’s mitts as it is based on the age of the players. You must get a catcher’s mitt that will fit you properly. And there are catcher’s mitts with unique larger-sized pockets.

The Material

When it comes to the material, it is important to have in mind that there are roughly four types of materials that can be utilized in the baseball catcher’s mitts.

The materials are durable leathers, soft leathers, mesh-backed and synthetic. For the parents that want to get the best catcher’s glove for their kids, it is advisable to buy a synthetic one.

The reason for this is because it is lightweight and quite affordable when compared to others. It is perfect for youngsters. On the contrary, the con to this is that it will not provide the best service for a long time frame.

As for the mesh-backed catcher’s gloves, they are highly comfortable to wear. They are lightweight than every other glove. However, a disadvantage to it is that it is not as durable as other high-quality leather gloves.

The soft leather gloves are pretty good due to their comfortable body. Also, you will not need to break while wearing these gloves as it is not hard like other durable leather gloves.

The incredibly soft leather gloves are not heavier, although they maintain their durability in the best way possible. But, the problem younger players will encounter is that it will not hold up for a long time like those that are synthetic.

More so, the soft leathers are not expensive. As for the durable leather, I consider them my favorites as both serious players and professional baseball players recommend them as the best gloves.

Though they may be quite heavier and on the pricier side, they make up for it as they are the most durable leather quality for a glove. These gloves have the most padding as well.

Leather Quality

Talking about leather types, there are four available in the market. And, they offer diverse costs and levels of durability that you can choose from.

With the softer and less expensive leather, younger players will benefit from it. Although, they will grow out of their mitts. If you are among the younger players like I was once, I will greatly advise you to take a look at pigskin or synthetic leathers.

However, these will wear out faster, but you do not need to invest so much in them. The professional catchers make use of tougher forms of leather ad they are more durable.

Most professional players go for mitts that are made with pro stock leather or pro stock select leather. If you are an advanced player, I will advise that you purchase full-grain leather gloves or steerhide leather gloves.

The Webbing

Whether it is closed or open webbing, all baseball catcher’s mitt has a specific kind of webbing. For the closed webbing gloves, they are considered to be more durable than those that are open.

From my experience, closed webbing gives more excellent performance for a longer period. I must honestly let you know that there are not many open webbing gloves available out there.

However, if you read this and still want to go for the open webbing gloves, you will need to order them in a bid to customize them to fit your preference.

Typically, the catcher’s gloves make use of closed webbing. This is a type of webbing that offers extra support whenever you catch baseballs that move swiftly. The catcher’s glove also assists in hiding pitch calls.

But when it comes down to mitts, a large mitt will hinder your ability to see a ball coming towards you. It is best to purchase a catcher’s mitt that has open webbing. This will help with extra visibility.

Some mitts also come with a reinforced closed web. In the end, it is your decision to make on the type of webbing you want as well as how you choose your finger stalls.

It’s Back

When we talk about the backside of a mitt, you must understand that there are two options you can choose from. Most of the catchers out there prefer the closed-back mitt.

With the closed-back mitt, you will be getting great support and protection of your wrist. Also, you can select a mitt with an open back since it has the exact wife opening between the upper part of the glove and wrist strap.

Interestingly, this style will enable enough mobility. Finally, you just need to decide on your priorities.

The Padding

As a catcher seeking great mitts, your position is the toughest out in the field. You will be catching all balls coming towards your hand while simultaneously protecting your body.

I once wore a glove that had a weak amount of padding, and I must confess that it hurt me in a very bad way. So, to prevent yourself from sustaining any injuries, try purchasing a glove that has adequate padding.

When it comes to the palm pad, understand that the more the padding, the more its protection. Although, it has a smaller pocket. For those who love additional shock protection, you can go up an inch in size.

Its Adjustability

Like we have stated earlier, the catcher’s mitt should properly fit your hand at any cost. This is actually because, no matter how durable the glove is, it will be useless if it does not fit your wrists and hands.

Since everyone’s hands are not the same when it comes to shape, each glove must be adjusted. Baseball players can adjust their gloves by either loosening or tightening the laces of the glove.

It is best to purchase a catcher’s mitt that is adjustable since it will need to be customized to fit diverse people. You should never forget to consider the thumb loop when it comes to adjustability.

The Warranty

Nobody wants to purchase a product that has no warranty, I am sure of that as I would not buy such.

As a result, when the question about warranty comes up, you first need to ask yourself why exactly you need a glove. Some people purchase gloves to solve certain issues of their positions.

This means that when buying a catcher’s mitt, you must have the intention of resolving the problem with it. And, if it does not handle your requirement, you will need to return it to the manufacturer.

Without a warranty, it will be a huge loss for your money. It is vital to buy any of the best catchers mitts that come with a long-lasting warranty.

The Brand

In all honesty, I do not believe that only good brands make the best catcher’s mitts out there. All I am attempting to say is that there are underrated brands out there that manufacture good mitts as well.

Nevertheless, some of the famous ones I have used and you must have heard of range from Rawlings down to Wilson, Marucci, and even Easton. You rather believe me that you will love brands like Louisville Slugger and some others.

Note that Louisville Slugger has been known to manufacture good mitts as well as quality gloves. In my humble opinion, you should seek quality and not just a brand name. You will be making use of the glove and not the brand.

There are brands out there that make use of dual welting. Interestingly, there are people who do not mind this dual welting procedure.

My Favorite Catchers Mitts

Since I have played as a catcher professionally in high school and continued to play recreationally still I have had the pleasure of testing numerous catchers mitts. Currently, my personal favorite mitt is the

[amazon fields=”B00E674766″ value=”thumb”]

As a Rawlings fan, it hurts me to say that a Wilson glove is my favorite currently but this glove has multiple benefits that I love.

[amazon fields=”B095LDR8XY” value=”thumb”]

On the other hand for those playing at the high school level, I will wholeheartedly support the use of the Rawlings GG Gamer 32.5-Inch Catcher’s Mitt. I have used this catcher’s mitt for my last years of school and it performed amazingly.

Top 10 Baseball Catcher’s Mitts

Now that you have read all that there is to know about baseball catcher’s mitt all that is left for you to do is start going through our list of the best ones in the market.

Best Catchers Mitts Review

Since you will find new catcher’s mitt all around, some of the best catchers mitts and best outfielders gloves to purchase are:

The Wilson A2k M1D Mitt


  • Pro Stock Select Leather
  • Double Palm Construction
  • Half Moon Webbing
  • Both Handed

Even in 2021, the Wilson A2K mitt is still an amazing option to purchase when searching for good mitts. It is a brand new model from the Wilson A2000 and has lots to offer users.

Note that this mitt makes use of the exact pro stock leather that the pudge model uses. However, the difference is that the Wilson A2K has a more sleek look, thanks to the black snakeskin shell.

Also, it makes use of a new logo pattern that allows it to stand out from the previous model. Aside from its aesthetics, I love this mitt because of some features it comes with.

First, it has an extended palm as well as deep pockets that functions in a way to keep the rebounds close. Best believe that this will freeze the runners on the base paths.

As for its double palm design, it generates a stable pocket that enhances the catcher’s ability to hold the ball in its pocket.

As one of the best catcher’s mitts I have come across, every serious catcher will spend a little break-in time in its leathers and make them game-ready.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • It comes with a fresh look and amazing features
  • It comes with a bigger palm pad profile
  • Its deeper pocket limits all rebounds and keeps the ball pretty close.
  • Uses pro stock select leather
  • You will have no issue as it is easy to break-in
  • The Wilson A2K mitt comes with a double palm construction
  • Snakeskin style
  • It is affordable


  • Not available for left-hand throwers and catchers
  • Has few customer reviews

The Mizuno Pro Outfield Baseball Glove


  • USA Kip Leather
  • Leather Palm Liner
  • Customized Glove Pocket

In the first place, the Mizuno Pro outfield baseball glove is among the best outfielders glove you will come across in the market. As a lightweight outfield glove, it is great for those who want to enhance their speed.

More so, it offers amazing support, and baseball players can always customize the fit whenever there is a break-in. You will move its durable and lightweight construction.

Furthermore, the Mizuno manufacturers have made use of kip leather as its leather construction. The kip leather is a cowhide type that is way lighter than all other materials.

I enjoy using a lightweight glove because it helps to decrease fatigue, enhance precision, and the fact that it makes the glove hand transfer pretty fast. As one of the best outfielders gloves, it comes with diverse patterns.

When I needed to create a deep pocket to catch the flies easily, I simply broke the glove in to achieve this. However, you can simply go for shallow pockets if you aim for swift glove-to-hand transfers.

If you need regular pockets, you can create them as well. For the baseball catchers, you will discover split welting on the edges of the Mizuno outfield glove. Though it looks like leather, it is a synthetic material.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • It comes with a palm liner
  • It has a durable and soft kip leather construction
  • Cutomizable pocket for fit and feel
  • You will have amazing durability due to its split welding.
  • Best for pros
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with premium quality fibers
  • For the outfielders, this mitt comes with deep pockets
  • It is versatile and comes with an ergonomic design


  • Webbing may decrease baseball catchers’ visibility
  • No warranty.

This synthetic material reinforces the edges and makes the glove more durable. Its updated trap web pattern is amazing for stability.

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove


  • Traditional Leather Shell
  • Soft Leather Finger Back Lining
  • Pro Leather Lace
  • 60% Player break-in

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove has been rated as one of the best outfielders gloves for those who seek comfort. From the onset, Rawlings has always delivered durable products worth your money.

You will need to buy this one if you want a baseball glove that you can easily break into. The manufacturers have made use of steer hide to construct this glove series.

With this glove, be sure to expect the type of leather glove that has a high-quality grain that gives a soft feel and simultaneously absorbs shock. With a 30% break-in, you only need to round up breaking it in.

Additionally, baseball players can adjust their fits and deep pocket based on whatever is comfortable for them. Lastly, it comes with three sizes to select from.

If you purchase the 11.75 inches size, you will be going home with a glove that has an enhanced trapeze webbing. Finally, I love the durable leather laces used in its stitching and webbing.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • 30% broken in
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • Steer hides of quality
  • Durable
  • Uses pro stock leather
  • This mitt comes in diverse colors
  • It has an adjustable strap


  • Not all its sizes with enhanced trapeze webbing
  • Only for professional baseball players

If you order the 11.5 or 12.25 inches, your gloves will come with an H-web pattern. This pattern enables baseball catchers to see through it.

The All-star pro-elite mitt


  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide
  • Reinforced Closed Web
  • 33.50 Inch
  • Conventional Open Back

When it comes down to the best catcher’s mitt out there, the All-star pro elite is the most versatile amongst them all.

Differing from brands such as Mizuno that provides everything from gloves to bats, All-star makes amazing mitts and catcher’s equipment. As high-quality catcher’s mitt, all use very high-quality materials.

One of such materials is the Japanese tanned steer hide. As an exceptional leather quality, it is both stiff and lasts long. Baseball catchers will need to spend time breaking in this mitt before they are game-ready.

Also, I love its finger hood and back design the most as you can fine-tune it using a highly durable velcro wrist strap.

As one of the best catchers mitt in the market, it has an outside index finger hood for serious catchers that love placing their finger outside their glove. Aside from bringing quality and comfort to baseball catchers, it also brings about an amazing performance.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • MLB quality glove
  • It has a profiled toe design that makes it easy to wrangle the wild pitches
  • It comes in diverse sizes to suit the hands of catchers
  • Manufactured in different sizes
  • You will love its extended pocket plus deeper profile toe
  • This mitt comes with a feel that is stiffer and capable of holding its shape longer
  • Crafted with Japanese tanned steer hide
  • It comes with a velcro wrist strap and finger hood open back style


  • Needs a significant amount of time break-in
  • Not game-ready

The Easton Pro Collection Mitt


  • Use with both hands
  • 11.50 Inch
  • Hybrid Construction
  • I-Web

When searching for the best catcher’s mitt, the list is never complete without the company that manufactures good mitts. This company is none other than Easton. Note that this is a high-end mitt for both ultimate comfort and the best luxury.

Even though it is a brand new catcher’s mitt, it has been able to capture the attention of some of the top talents in baseball. I will recommend this mitt for high school baseball players as well as professionals.

It is crafted from two different types of leather, thus earning its hybrid nature. The two types of leather give it rugged durability. Also, the leathers are Japanese Reserve steer hide and the USA horween leather.

The backside of the mitt is, in particular, created with the Japanese reserve steer hide. The leathers of this catcher’s mitt are bound together and undergo a welting procedure in the palm.

This will enable them to retain their shape and provide the pocket with the structure and stability the catcher needs. When I made use of it, I noticed that it was comfortable as a result of its soft sheep wool wrist liner.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • Most affordable catchers mitts crafted with quality materials
  • Used by top league catchers due to its exceptional features
  • Due to the Hybrid leather design and rugged durability, it gives catchers a lightweight
  • Its quality is referred to as professional grade
  • You will love its great design
  • Made from two different types of leather
  • It is highly comfortable
  • This mitt gives a kind of stability to the catcher that he or she needs
  • Inexpensive


  • Only available in one size
  • Not for left-handed catchers

The Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 Mitt


  • USA Kip Leather
  • Sheepskin Finger Lining
  • USA Rawhide Laces
  • Moisture Absorbing Mesh Wrist Lining

For those who play or played high school baseball like me, the best catcher’s mitt to purchase is the Marucci Capitol Series mitt. From all I noticed when using this mitt, its manufacturers made use of a simple approach.

The approach pertains to if a thing is not broken, do not try to fix it. Hence, they crafted a high-quality, durable mitt that does not need its mold broken. This mitt comes with a neutral shade, also the pocket is medium-sized. 

Since most players prefer medium pockets over the deeper pockets as they make it easier to transfer the ball to the throwing hand and steadily fire a swift strike. Meanwhile do not let its simple design fool you, as the Marucci series mitt is one of top quality.

It is not so heavy, and it has a velvet-like feel to its touch. Its interior is made from high premium materials, and it is arguably one of the best catchers mitts for younger players.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • It is lightweight
  • Its high-quality materials will enable it to last for years
  • It has a luxurious interior that provides comfort to catchers
  • Crafted with stiff leathers to provide catchers with all that they need
  • You will love its medium-sized pocket
  • Even with its stiff leathers, it is not a heavy mitt
  • Most players love its touch
  • Asides from its outer materials, the inner materials are premium9


  • Quite expensive 
  • Only for the right-hand throwers

The Wilson A200 Mitt


  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Spin Control Technology
  • ProLux Leather Lining
  • Rolled Dual Welting

It is imperative to note that the Wilson A2000 is regarded as the first choice of eighty percent of both professional players and serious catchers.

If you seek a glove that is the best based on its leather construction or comfortability, then you are really in the right hands with Wilson A2000. Furthermore, it has rugged durability as well.

For those who seek high-end performance, then your search ends here finally. Users over time have, in particular, grown to love all the features that this catcher’s mitt has to offer. As one of the best catchers mitt out there, it is crafted with pro stock leather.

With the pro stock leather, you have, in general, nothing to worry about as it provides long-lasting and high-end performance for a long period. Also, I must let you in on the fact that this glove is not heavy.

Though it is twice as strong as your regular leather quality, it is half its weight. The Wilson manufacturers have markedly made use of the dri lex wrist lining to ensure that your hand remains dry and cool as you play the game.

Finally, one thing I love about this mitt is its lacing. It is strong and has been obviously timed perfectly. For the serious catchers, this is indeed the mitt to purchase as it comes with an unbreakable construction and convenient padding.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • The leather used in its construction is top-notch
  • Very durable
  • This mitt is lightweight
  • It has an extended palm
  • It gives a professional level of comfort
  • You will love its dry lex wrist lining
  • All that these mitt promises are true
  • Its look is classy


  • Expensive
  • Requires adequate professional break-in

The Akadema AGC98


  • 32 Inch
  • Double-Sided Slim Padding
  • US Steerhide Leather Construction
  • Deep Pocket

When it comes down to the ideal high-quality catcher’s mitt, the Akadema has been made for people who want a mitt within their budget. Furthermore, it was designed by Gary Carter, a legendary catcher.

Moreover, this glove comes with a thirty-two inches circumference praying mantis pattern. This pattern additionally offers users maximum area to catch the ball. If you have good catching skills, you will love its deep pocket.

This is a youth baseball mitt that has a crisp sound whenever the ball hits. It does not matter, in fact, if you use left or right hand. This mitt is available for both sides and comes with an amazing finger stall.

For its back construction, you will especially love the extra light, high-quality leather. If you need me, to be honest, I will let you know that this mitt is the perfect choice for youth.

However, if you are an adult league player, this is not among the highest quality gloves you should think of purchasing.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • A durable mitt
  • Used high-quality Akadema leather
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight mitt
  • Best for a youth baseball player
  • Lasts a long period
  • Budget-friendly


  • No color variation

The All-Star Pro-Advanced Mitt


  • For Baseball and Softball Catchers
  • 33.5 Inch
  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide
  • Deep Pocket

No matter your catching skills, there is no catching task that is too complex or tough for this baseball catcher’s mitt. No matter how hard the opponents think their ball hits, you will be significantly capable of catching it with this mitt.

As one of the best catchers’ mitts out there, the All-star pro-advanced is obviously loved based on its quality. I can personally testify that this mitt is more advanced than most of the gloves in the market space.

Additionally, this mitt comes with an adjustable strap as it is regarded as an adjustable glove. Basically, there is nothing you will worry about pertaining to its fitting. Some people have aired their opinions on this glove and stated that it is generally hard to break in.

However, they say that it greatly fits, and it is exactly what you would have hoped for if you just tried a little harder to break in. It comes with an especially amazing design, and its pocket is made up of soft tan palm leather.

If adequate protection of your hands is what you need, this mitt is undeniably there for you. Also, I will recommend this mitt for someone who is a serious catcher and planning on doing big things in baseball.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • Durable mitt
  • You will love the fact that it is adjustable
  • Its lacing is done with US grade rawhide
  • It is crafted with soft tan leather palm
  • It lasts for an extended period
  • This mitt is exactly what you expect and exactly what you read here
  • The design is regarded as cool
  • It will protect your hands


  • Expensive
  • Need a lot of time for break-in

The Mizuno Prospect GXC105


  • 32.5 Inch
  • Two Web Design
  • Single Finger Backing
  • Almost Game Ready

If you need an ideal glove at a price that is budget-friendly for your little catcher, then this is the best mitt for you. For those who do not want to fret over a break-in time and need to maintain the quality of the mitt, this is for you.

The Mizuno Prospect mitt is especially ideal for kids that are between the age range of ten to fifteen years old. It can also be used by some older players that have average-sized hands.

When it comes down to its palm pad, it comes with a universal para shock one that provides amazing protection. I love this mitt because of its comfortable material. In fact, you will find a PowerClose Technology feature.

This is a feature that assists younger players in closing the mitt pretty easily as they catch the ball. It is a lightweight mitt and rated as an adjustable glove.

Pros and Cons

Best Seller


  • It is amazingly budget-friendly
  • Lightweight mitt
  • You will love its PowerClose Technology
  • Its leather quality is soft
  • This mitt is game ready straight out of the box
  • You will love the para shock palm pad
  • It does not come with a break-in time


  • Mainly for beginners

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catchers Mitt


  • Right hand throw
  • Youth version
  • Size: 31.5 inches
  • Made from high quality leather

Baseball catchers are tasked with the job of catching and outing the hitter from the other team. In most games, there is only one catcher, and in rare cases, they are replaced by another. Therefore, these catchers need the best catchers’ mitt that is both functional and comfortable.

The GXC112 prospect from Mizuno is one of the best choices if you are looking for a soft, comfortable, and high-performance mitt. These gloves are made from bio-soft leather in a professional design that’s ideal for any youth catcher.

Another benefit of these gloves is that they have professional lace, which improves both their performance and durability by a wide margin. To give this baseball catcher’s mitt a premium look, Mizuno had their logo embroidered.

Overall, for a budget option, this is a great choice.

Best Seller


  • Imported model
  • Pro level lace
  • Embroidered logo
  • Comfortable for long games


  • Ideal for youth players

Perspective On The Products

Most of us are invested in purchasing the best catcher’s mitt. Then, I must let you know that if you need a feature-packed baseball catcher’s mitts, the Wilson mitt is the best shot.

Not just any Wilson product but the Wilson A2000. The real reason for this is that it is very comfortable, comes with a classy look that is lightweight, and has a top-notch leather quality.

I have made use of this mitt more than once and currently using it for over one year and counting. The only thing the Wilson A2000 additionally needs is an adequate break-in, and you are good to go.

Immediately you are done with a successful break-in time, you will receive a top-of-the-class performance. For the younger players that want to be serious catchers, this glove is on the shelf for you.

However, you can also purchase the All-star pro-advanced mitt if the Wilson A2000 does not cut it for you. Notably, all the mitts on this list have a money-back guaranty.

This also means that if any of the great mitts on this list does not match your requirement, you can ask the manufacturer for a refund without any hassle.

How To Clean Baseball Glove

When it comes down to learning how to clean baseball gloves, you must bear in mind that there are diverse methods that one can use. Overall I clean my baseball glove by making use of some steps. They are:

  1. Wet the Leather Glove
  2. Massage the Leather Glove
  3. Soften the Glove
  4. Shape the Glove Pocket
  5. Play Catch with the Glove
  6. Use Baseball Glove Oil or Conditioner

For the glove conditioner, you can make use of the Pecard glove conditioner as it works perfectly and it is very effective.

More so, some of the best baseball glove oil you can use are:

SARNA Glove Oil

While it’s a baseball glove oil, it has been one of the best in the market for a really long time. In the mankind of this glove, natural oil ingredients such as neatsfoot and other essential oils are included. All of which work to soften the glove while helping to retain the baseball glove’s quality.

[amazon fields=”B07MC21MPF” value=”thumb”]

Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner

[amazon fields=”B01FRKPDWW
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For our top recommendation for the best baseball glove conditioner, we are going with the Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner. Comparatively, this is the best glove conditioner for extending your glove’s life expectancy. At the same time, this product also helps to restore your old baseball glove back to its peak condition.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

According to Bob Feller,  if you have the belief that your catcher is intelligent and he has a considerable amount of experience, it is a wonderful thing to leave the baseball game almost entirely in his hands.

Why are they called catcher's mitts?

In the first place, the reason for this is that they tend to lack individual fingers like the traditional mitten.

What kind of mitts do the professional players use?

The professional players, in general, are known to go for branded mitts such as those from Wilson manufacturers and even Rawlings.

Is it compulsory for catchers to wear their mitts?

Yes. Even in the little league, it is a written rule that every catcher must wear his or her mitts.

Can I wear my catcher's mitt at first base?

Yes. You are permitted to wear your catcher’s mitt at first base.


In general, we have provided you with some of the best catchers mitt you can find in the market. Do not forget that the catcher has the biggest responsibility on the field, so this position should not be taken lightly.

If you need to clean your gloves, there are practical steps to follow in this article, as well as glove oils that you can use.

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