Best Fastpitch Softball Helmets: Top 7 WBSC Choices 2022

Before purchasing any of the best fastpitch softball helmets, you need to be aware of this because softballs tend to move pretty fast. Their speed can reach about 77 mph, harming a person, such as bruises and concussions. 

For this reason, helmets are needed while on the pitch. Many helmets on the market will overwhelm you, so we have successfully compiled a list to help you make the ideal choice for your fastpitch softball batting helmets. 

The Best Softball Helmets 

Some of the best fastpitch softball helmets that you can find out there are: 

1. The Jen Schro Helmet 

Easton’s Jen Schro Helmet is one of the best fastpitch softball helmets that a female athlete can own. It is one of the newest models from this brand and comes in pretty high quality. Moreover, it was specially designed for softball catchers as it offers a closer and more aerodynamic fit than the usual catcher’s helmet used in baseball. It is crafted with the standard ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene shell plus a steel cage with a black matte finish. You will find a dual-density foam inside this helmet. The padding of this helmet is treated with antimicrobial properties that will help fight off stink and sweat. This is our current recommendation for the best fastpitch softball helmets.


  • Designed for female softball athletes 
  • The ABS shell provides protection
  • Created in a variety of colors
  • Absorbs impact 
  • Comes with padding


  • It is very expensive

2. The Rawlings Mach Matte Helmet 

The Rawlings Mach Matte helmet is among the best fastpitch softball helmets that come in nine different colors and is available in both the senior and junior categories. It has amazing ventilation due to its sleek profile design. And this softball batting helmet boasts a heightened impact resistance because it has IMPAX technology

This means that this batting helmet can dissipate and absorb any force. Understand that this is one of the fastpitch batting helmets out there that comes with a flap that assists in protecting the jawline and face of the player. Since NOCSAE approves it, it can be used in every game. 


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Simple usage
  • Excellent impact resistance 
  • NOCSAE certified 
  • Excellent ventilation 


  • It is an expensive helmet

3. The Rawlings Coolflo Helmet

As one of the best fastpitch batting helmets you will find on this list, the Rawlings Coolflo is crafted for young players and comes in diverse colors. It has the traditional coolflo design and is even made by hand. Furthermore, it comes with an increased impact resistance design that protects the wearer from injuries. 

Interestingly, it has the ABS plastic shell feature and is certified by NOCSAE. The Rawlings Coolflo softball helmet perfectly fits the player’s head. It has fifteen vents to keep the players cool and dry throughout the game. I enjoy using it as I can pack my hair in a ponytail and put the helmet on. 


  • Air vent for good airflow
  • Compatible with nose mask
  • Highly durable and efficient
  • Padded for protection
  • Has a chin strap 


  • It has no jaw mask

4. The Mizuno Samurai

Often regarded as a companion helmet, the Mizuno Samurai is among the best fastpitch softball helmets that have been adjusted to fit females better than males. Similar to its G4 model, it offers amazing protection, visibility, and adequate ventilation while out on the pitch. 

It comes with shock-absorbing Eva foam padding and a face mask made of steel. This fastpitch softball batting helmet has a huge number of dents positioned at its top and around the chin and jaw area. This helps in facilitating better airflow. I use it because I can choose any of the six colors that have been manufactured. 

Interestingly, Mizuno is rated among the best brands in the softball industry. This is our recommendation for the best fastpitch softball helmets for females. Moreover, the baseball version of this helmet is part of the amazing Mizuno Samurai baseball catcher gear that we also love very much.


  • Perfect fit for female athletes
  • Solid protection
  • Variety of color options
  • Excellent visibility on the field
  • Shock-absorbing design 


  • Internal foam can become loose

5. The Rawlings Highlighter Series

Rawlings is known for creating amazing fastpitch softball helmets with high-quality materials. One such product is its Highlighter Series. If you love colorful designs, this helmet is the ideal fit. 

It comes in twelve colors, and it is certified by NOCSAE. It can be used for any game without having any approval issues. Additionally, it is compatible with the faceguard and has a top-quality molded finish.

This fastpitch softball helmet weight is light and will deliver complete service, making me enjoy using it on the pitch. 


  • Twelve colors option
  • High-quality production materials
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Face guard compatible
  • Long-lasting


  • There is no jawline protection

6. The Schutt Sports Air 5.6 

Rated among the best fastpitch softball helmets out there, the Schutt Sports Air 5.6 batting helmet comes in a whopping thirty-eight different helmets. Now, you have a variety to select from and will surely find your favorite color. 

It brags about the AiR-XE shell feature, which gives the batting helmet its unique design. Ventilation is not a problem with this helmet because it comes with eighteen vents. All of its vents solidly support the air inflow while on the pitch. 

Aside from receiving a good amount of air supply when putting this helmet on, it is one of those fastpitch softball batting helmets crafted for protection and increased performance. It has a D30 foam feature

This feature allows for sweat absorption and offers additional protection. It has heightened impact resistance and can decrease the force with which a pitched ball will move without affecting the head of the player. 

I enjoy making use of this helmet because it is crafted for the sole purpose of softball services. And even when I used it roughly, it still managed to stay the same, thus having a lasting quality. 


  • Superior materials 
  • Simple usage 
  • It has extra padding 
  • Ventilation for the players
  • Extremely durable helmet


  • It is costly

7. The Easton Prowess 

In our list of the best fastpitch softball helmets to buy, the Easton Prowess made a list as it is the older model of the Jen Schro helmet. It comes with a rubberized matte paint finish and a steel cage that is painted grey. 

This softball helmet provides adequate protection when you are behind the plate. In so many ways, it is similar to its successor, the Jen Schro. It comes with the ABS shell feature and has vents in strategic locations. The helmet fits perfectly, especially with the available color options. As a female catcher, it gives me a streamlined fit better than most softball helmets I have come across. 


  • A variety of colors are available 
  • It has a streamlined fit
  • Foam padding
  • Amazing vents for airflow
  • ABS shell feature


  • Its supply is limited

Why Are Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmets Important? 

Do not be deceived by the term “soft” in the word because softball is far from being soft. The injuries to the head in softball games are more than any other part of the body. To avoid severe head injuries, it is compulsory for softball players to put on good-quality helmets with double ear flaps and a face mask. 

All these must be worn to protect the temple region and ears against the ball’s impact. Furthermore, the catchers are not exempted as they must wear helmets to protect their face and throat. In softball, inexperienced and younger players are at higher risk of injury. 

As long as you are running bases, waiting patiently to bat, and batting, you must put on any of the fastpitch softball batting helmets we have outlined above. Youth leagues demand that players wear helmets with face guards to act as protective gear to decrease eye, mouth, and nose injuries. 

Buying Guide for FastPitch Softball Helmets 

Our list of the best fastpitch softball helmets will not be complete if we do not share with you the factors to consider when you are out buying softball batting helmets. As a softball player, you must protect yourself completely so that no harm will come to you while on the pitch. 

This is why we strongly advise purchasing the best helmet to protect you. On that list, you should consider the following factors: 

Which size is right for me?

When people buy a softball helmet, they generally pick one that is comfortable on their heads. However, while comfort is sure of high importance, it must not be the single criteria you use in selecting your helmet. 

You should purchase the perfect size so that there will be no complaints of discomfort as your head gets the adequate protection it needs. If you want to get a perfect size, you have to make use of fabric tape. 

You will use this tape to measure all over your head and just above your ears to get the ideal measurement. To play it safe, ensure you take your measurements in centimeters and inches.  This is vital so that when buying the helmet, you can easily check the sizes in the two metrics before you pick the best fit. 

More so, before you pay for the helmet, try placing it on your head. On a good day, you will get a one-month exchange period. This allows you to exchange the helmet if you encounter any problems. But we advise that you try the helmet before you buy it. 

This will help you avoid the hassles that come with returns or exchanges. Do not go for a smaller or bigger size, as the two sizes will not be comfortable for you. You will simply end up returning for an exchange.

A perfect size will allow you to play the game without discomfort or fear of the helmet falling off. After the game, you can also put these proper sized softball helmets in your best baseball bags or baseball bags with wheels with no problem.

Check for sanctioned helmets

Most fastpitch softball helmets are known to contain hard plastics and foams capable of absorbing heightened impact landings. Nevertheless, you need to check with your team. You only buy helmets sanctioned exclusively by the league you play in. 

The face mask does have uses

Softball helmets are typically equipped with a face mask, but whether or not you wear it is entirely up to you. If you like, you can use another mask of your choice when putting on your helmet. 

However, all these masks are crafted from steel wire, ensuring the players get an adequate view, which means maximum vision

Does it come with ear flaps?

Most players will choose to have helmets that come with one ear flap. They choose this type because it makes the helmet feel lighter. But, on so many occasions, the leagues have made it known that players need two ear-flapped helmets. 

Once again, you will need to check with your league and the team before you buy one. 

To brim or not to brim

It has been suggested to players that they should wear brims over their foreheads so that they will be parallel to the ground. Your brim will need to be positioned so that it is not too high or too low. 

It should be capable of providing appropriate coverage so you will not be susceptible to danger or get hurt. As a result, when purchasing softball helmets, keep all of these factors in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What makes the best fastpitch softball helmet?

The part that is the most important for softball helmets fastpitch or slowpitch, is its ability to protect the head of the batter. The best softball helmets must be able to completely protect the head of the player while making sure that it doesn’t compromise the player in any way, like blocking their vision.

How often should you replace your softball helmets?

There is no clear time limit for softball helmet replacement. But the NOCSAE states that any helmet older than or around 10 years isn’t eligible for recertification.

Are baseball and softball helmets the same?

There aren’t many differences between the best baseball and fastpitch softball helmets. Both have features like dual ear protection, face mask, and visor. The few difference there only come into play in the major leagues. For example, the MLB helmets have one ear flap while others have two, and the face mask designs for both sports are different as well.

What does NOCSAE stand for?

It stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.


On a general note, we have provided you with some of the best fastpitch softball helmets you will find on the market. Ensure you read through this list to make an informed decision before making a big purchase.

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