Best Youth Baseball Helmets In 2023 For Youth League

When it comes to the baseball game, it must be noted that baseball helmets are of utmost significance because baseball players are susceptible to TBI; Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most prominently known causes of traumatic brain injuries for youth baseball players centers around getting struck by a bat. While older baseball players are more likely to be struck by the ball. 

When you take your time to pick out the right athletic gear, the risk of a traumatic brain injury significantly decreases. And for this reason, we will present you with the best youth baseball helmets. 

10 Best youth baseball helmets

Some of the best youth baseball helmets you will find from helmet manufacturers are: 

1. The Easton Pro X 


  • ABS shell with impact resistance
  • Density foam
  • Jaw guard
  • BioDri liner 

The Easton Pro X is one of the best youth baseball helmets you will find out there. It comes with amazing features that are worth your money. Easton’s Pro X Matte line is filled with high-quality batting helmets.

Understand that its impact-resistant ABS shell comes with three layers of high-density foam that will absorb everything thrown at it. This will give you the protection and comfort you desire.  

With the jaw guard, your vision will not be impaired, and its BioDri liner will assist in absorbing sweat. Thus, the player will remain dry all through the game. This helmet is available for both left-handed and right-handed batters.  

Note that the BioDri liner is crafted with air-wrapped mesh material. And, of course, it does not trap sweat or leave you hot. Instead, the liner actively evaporates all moisture to keep the player dry.  

Its thermoplastic shell is well known for its impact resistance and solid structure. As a lightweight helmet, you can wear it for as long as you deem fit. The hard shell has lots of ventilation ports that will allow the inflow and outflow of air.  

In all, you are going to love the look of this helmet. In fact, its jaw guard is epically positioned for the maximum coverage one needs while playing the game.

Why we love it

I enjoy making use of this helmet because, aside from being crafted with amazing high quality materials, it gives the desired comfort needed. The jaw guard is specially placed for the highest coverage needed on the pitch.  


  • Multi-density protection
  • Extended jaw guard
  • Shock-absorbent helmet
  • Highly comfortable
  • Well-positioned ventilation holes


  • No top foam pad
  • The padding glue quality is poor 

2. EvoShield XVT Helmet


  • Dual density padding
  • Engineered venting system
  • Meets NOCSAE standard
  • Wrapped ear pads

One thing you must note about the EvoShield XVT Helmet is that, aside from being the ideal combination of comfort and protection, it is made available in three amazing sizes.  

Its sizes come with highly sleek compression molded pads and, of course, completely wrapped ear pads. It also comes with a low-profile shell that enables a suitable fit.  

Furthermore, if you use this helmet, you must ensure the ideal sizing. We recommend that you go for a snug but not too tight fit. The reason for this is simple, a loose helmet will fall off while you are running.  

It is not ideal for your helmet to fall off, as it will be needed for protection from balls normally hucked by the fielders. Understand that EvoShield helmets are well known for their slightly larger size. 

If you are a small person or buying for your kid, it is ideal to buy the smaller size. If your helmet is too tight, it will distract you during the single most complex action.  

This action is to strike the round ball flying towards your head at high speed with the rounded stick. 

Complete Protection

The dual density padding will make the helmet fit you comfortably. At the same time, the ear pad is wrapped well enough and less susceptible to wearing down over time. The venting system helps in preventing overheating and will not fog your glasses.  

The helmet has a secure and amazing fit with its low profile design. Ventilation will not be an issue as the ventilation system enables great airflow. This airflow will keep you dry no matter how hard you have played for the day.  

Note that you will have to purchase a facemask separately as it does not come with one. However, it has pre-drilled holes to fix the facemask easily. In all, this helmet has managed to mix style with comfort and versatility successfully.  

Why we love it

Aside from being perfect for young players and adults, this helmet will give you the protection you need. Being in the batter’s box is hard enough. Still, with this helmet, ventilation will not be a problem, as stated earlier.  

I love that it is available in up to six colors: white, navy, charcoal, royal, scarlet, and black. Apart from meeting the standards of NOCSAE, its shell is low-profile enough to give the ideal fit.  


  • Diamond-shaped comfortable pad
  • High-gloss finish
  • Lightweight helmet
  • A uniquely engineered venting system
  • Comes with pre-drilled hardware


  • Large sizes most of the time
  • Lack of chin strap compatibility

3. The Rawlings Coolflo Molded Helmet


  • Molded finish
  • Eva foam
  • Side crown padding
  • Coolflo design

If you need the best batting helmet, look towards the Rawlings molded helmet, which comes with the Coolflo design. As a batting helmet, it has pre-drilled holes to defend your face while playing baseball. 

When it was first crafted, it was worn by only the best league baseball athletes. In no time, it became popularly worn by everyone. So, this conventional batting helmet has an interesting historical yet excellent past as well as face guards. 

You can purchase this batting helmet in diverse colors that range from dark green, scarlet, black, white, and royal. If you need this helmet to perform adequately, you must be making use of the perfect fit for your head. 

When measuring your head for such helmets, use a small metal tape measure. Normally, I take diverse measurements anytime I want to purchase a helmet. 

It is one of the best youth baseball helmets because it comes with the Eva dual density foam and snaps for chin straps. This helmet is placed among the best baseball batting helmet. 

It has a unique venting system and a cool, streamlined look. It is comfortable for all players due to its ventilation holes, and kids love it because of its diverse colors. 

This batting helmet will give you the desired level of safety from ball hits as it can withstand the hardest knocks and never crack under pressure.

Why we love it

I enjoy using this batting helmet because it is breathable, thanks to the Coolflo design. It makes me comfortable while I am out on the pitch. 

Even though its manufacturers have diverse types of batting helmets, this particular design is popular amongst youth batting helmets. Of course, it meets your budget as it is reasonably priced. 


  • High-cost effectiveness
  • Maximum protection
  • Dryness
  • Pre-drilled holes for face masks
  • NOCSAE approval


  • Only one size is available
  • Face mask must be purchased separately

4. The DeMarini Paradox Protege Helmet


  • Dual density padding system
  • Rubberized matte shell 
  • Low profile outer shell 
  • Pre drilled holes 

The DeMarini Paradox Protege is available in a wide variety of colors. And aside from being placed on our list of the best youth baseball helmets, DeMarini is a heavily trusted and popular name amongst softball batting helmets. 

The DeMarini brand has gained popularity and love because they manufacture some of the finest baseball equipment. And aside from its glossy finish, this specific product has strategically positioned vented holes on it. 

These vented holes will give the player the maximum airflow he or she needs. Thus, keeping the head cool as the game gets heated. 

If you never knew, some of the best batting helmets out there do not have vented holes, while some have poorly designed holes, which will lead to minimal airflow. However, this is not the case with DeMarini. 

Understand that the dual padding you will find here will offer players comfort and safety. At the same time, its outer shell provides a sturdy fit. This batting helmet comes with ABS plastic that protects one from ball impact. 

You will love that you can wear your glasses while putting on this helmet. Although there is no special slot for the arms of your glasses, wearing both medicated glasses and sunglasses is possible with this helmet. 

Size Variety

And for those who are picky with colors, this helmet comes in a diverse range of colors that you will love. Its different sizes are: 

  • YH – 6 ½ inches and below 
  • L/XL – 7 to 7 5/8 inches
  • S/M – 6 3/8 to 7 1/8 inches

My kids, between the ages of seven and eight, make use of the YH size, though we advise that you measure your kids’ heads before making your big purchase. 

This is because they can wear the L/XL or even the S/M size. Lest we forget, this version of the DeMarini Paradox does not come with a face mask. Although you will find the version that comes with the face mask on our list. 

The reason for this is that the cage of this version is vast. So, if you are buying this version, you will still need to buy the face mask separately. Its already drilled holes will not pose a problem attaching it to the cage. 

Why we love it

In all, I love making use of this helmet because the soft inner padding is suitably fitted to actively conform to one’s shape and size of the head. Also, the rubberized shell absorbs those hard impacts of fastballs, including fastpitch softball. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in a variety of sizes 
  • Soft vents and padding
  • A variety of styles and colors
  • Meets NOCSAE standards 


  • No face mask
  • A larger size is expensive

5. The Easton Alpha Batting Helmet


  • Two earflaps 
  • High impact ABS shell
  • Impact absorption foam
  • Moisture wicking liner 

Regarding the best youth baseball helmet, one batting helmet that will not be exempted from this list is the Easton Alpha batting helmet. This helmet is readily available for your little one who deserves a comfortable helmet.  

The Easton Alpha has been engineered to offer the best protection anyone could ever ask for. Of course, it is accompanied by the ABS shell, making it solid and capable of resisting hard impacts.

In other news, this helmet comes with diverse vents to make players feel comfortable no matter how long they play on the pitch. This helmet makes use of an inner material made from impact-resistant foam. 

This Easton Alpha comes with two earflaps, which allow your player to switch positions while batting. It comfortably meets all of the standards set by NOCSAE. 

No matter your playing level, this helmet is the ideal fit for you. Both sides have pre-drilled holes, making this headgear compatible with any cage you choose for your safety.  

It comes in different colors that your kid will love. At the same time, the BioDri fabric liner can absorb moisture to give you enhanced dryness and extra comfort. The ABS thermoplastic shell is well crafted to give the desired protection.  

And, when it comes to the shock absorption part, the dual density foam liner will do the job without any stress. If you want to remove the logo sticker on the helmet, you can always do that without any issue.

Why we love it

Regardless of whether you are an adult player or tee ball, anybody can use this helmet because of how it performs while on the field. I love using it because it is both comfortable and heavily protective. 


  • BioDri fabric liner
  • Amazing comfort
  • Provides glove-like fit
  • Can absorb moisture
  • Thick foam 


  • It cannot be worn with a ponytail
  • Feels heavy for some people

6. The Rawlings Coolflo T-Ball Helmet


  • Dual protection foam
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Coolflo venting technology
  • ABS plastic shell 

When it comes down to the best youth baseball helmet, we surely cannot omit the Rawlings Coolflo T-ball helmet. Aside from having a stylish yet aerodynamic look, this is one of the baseball helmets that will provide adequate comfort for your child. 

It comes with a unique Coolflo venting system that gives solace and breathability. It is one of the best baseball helmets because it has been crafted according to the guidelines and standards of NOCSAE. 

While the user can take off the front logo, this is one of the best baseball helmets, ideal for kids between the ages of six and eight. When it comes to safety and protection on the pitch, there is nothing to be worried about when your kid has this best helmet on. 

This is one of the best baseball helmets that comes from 6 1/4 to 7 1/8 inches. It is one of the batting helmets that is amazing for T-ball players. The durability of this batting helmet is excellent, and you can use it as your softball helmet. 

While you can place a c-flap on it, you will need to drill holes first. It comes with thick pads and enough space at the back for those with ponytails. 

In all, this batting helmet can absorb heat while the air vent will keep your little league players dry and cool. One thing you must remember about any Rawlings helmet is that they are crafted to target a certain consumer segment.

Why we love it

Aside from its sleek look and very stylish design, I got this batting helmet for Mt. Kids because of its double ear design. Moreover, it comes with snaps that I use with chin straps. And the ABS plastic comes with a molded finish and a clear coat.


  • Highly affordable price 
  • Excellent for t-ball players
  • NOCSAE approved
  • Excellent for protection
  • Durable and high quality 


  • No face guards
  • The appearance is not shiny. 

7. The Mizuno B6 Helmet


  • Lightweight helmet 
  • Eva foam lining 
  • ABS plastic shell 
  • Low profile helmet

On our list of the best youth baseball helmet, we have the Mizuno B6 batting helmet that comes with all the vital features required of a batting helmet. His helmet comes with everything from ideal ventilation to suitable foam.  

Understand that Mizuno is one of the leading brands in the sports industry, and you can always trust them to provide the best. The B6 is constructed of high-quality materials that provide the necessary durability and strength to absorb shocks.

Furthermore, this helmet will leave you fully protected in a highly ventilated space. It is made from quality materials, so it will interest you to note that it is also lightweight.  

Due to its lightweight build, you can comfortably wear this helmet the whole day. The plastic shell offers ideal protection, while the EVA foam liner will offer the best comfort needed.

Why we love it

On a general note, this helmet comes with a very innovative honeycomb design and a low profile that assists in reducing the weight of the helmet. No extra weight is added to the head; it is always my first choice for comfort all day long. 


  • Amazing moisture control
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortably lightweight
  • High-density foam present
  • Shock protection 


  • Users don’t like the colors. 
  • Buy facemask separately

8. The Schutt Sports Air 5.6


  • Innovative design and technology. 
  • AiR-XE shell
  • ABS plastic exterior 
  • Fourteen vent holes

The Schutt Sports Air 5.6 is a baseball helmet for batters that need baseball protective gear that will deliver both in terms of protection and, of course, comfort. Even though it is lightweight, it is a solid piece that will not cause discomfort.  

If you need a helmet for great head protection, look towards the Schutt Air 5.6 helmet. While it gives you the desired protection, it will not impede your vision while on the pitch.

In other news, this helmet comes with moisture management pads that will make sure your head stays dry no matter how sweaty you become. As mentioned earlier, this product is here to give you comfort all around.  

So, it is made with fourteen air vents strategically positioned over your head to keep it cool as you play. It comes in different sizes and colors that will suit your needs no matter what they are.  

On a general note, this helmet beautifully mixes design with technology to give you the AiR-XE shell that maximizes ventilation while giving you the perfect fit.  

Why we love it

The plastic exterior offers the ideal protection and durability. Simultaneously, the D30 polymer interior has soft cushioning and is heavily shock absorbent.  

Note that the technology that the Schutt brand makes use of here is the same technology that they use in their football helmets. In other words, be ready to use a highly protective helmet for a long time.  I love that its sizes run from extra large to even XX-small.


  • Amazing breathability  
  • Long-lasting plastic shell 
  • Patented polymer interior 
  • Shock-absorbing helmet 
  • Heavily protective 


  • Ear padding wears out quickly
  • No straps for chin strap

9. The Under Armour Converge Helmet


  • Two earflaps 
  • Thick foam lining on the inside 
  • Anti-odor technology 
  • Shock-absorbing foam lining

The Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet is one of the best youth helmets and is perfect for young players. Since it is stylish, it provides extra protection for your head. 

Interestingly, this helmet is SEI-certified and meets the safety standards of NOCSAE. However, it is regarded as an expansive helmet even in its smallest size. It is crafted with ABS plastic and does not get damaged very easily. 

When it comes to its interiors, it makes use of a pretty thick shock-absorbing foam that will protect one’s skull from any gaming injuries. Interestingly, this foam uses anti-odor technology. 

In other news, sweating will no longer cause issues on the pitch. While it has no jaw guards, you can always buy one and install it yourself. And there is no jaw strap, but this helmet will give you added protection. 

It is available in diverse size options and four colors ranging from red, white, blue, and more.

Why We Love It

With a dual earflap helmet, players are capable of easily switching their batting positions without having to compromise on their safety. And even though you have a big head, it has a bigger head design for your extra protection. 

I love this helmet for its hard outer shell, heightened side ribs, and foam cushioning. It is both NOCSAE, and Safety Equipment Institute approved. 


  • Ideal for young players 
  • Jaw and cage guard compatibility
  • Secure and safe 
  • OSFA standard liner 
  • Numerous ventilation ports


  • The foam is not very breathable
  • It is quite expensive.

10. The Mach Matte Helmet


  • IMPAX padding
  • Ventilation holes 
  • Removable jaw guard 
  • Shock absorbing materials

One fact you should consider is that injuries are pretty common in sports. It does not matter if you are an NBA star or a football player; all athletes are vulnerable to sustaining injuries when they have bad sporting gear. 

The youth baseball helmets have been modified in their design in baseball games with each year that passes. And one such enhanced design that will give you superior protection is the Mach Matte Batting Helmet. 

This is one of the best baseball helmets that come with extension flaps and is great for offering complete coerce to the face and jaw of a player. The reason for having one of the best youth baseball helmets is because baseball players can get concussions. 

While no batting helmet guarantees you will avoid concussions in this game, it is best to get a durable and safe one for any player, whether they play in the little league or the major league. 

The pitcher’s ball in baseball games of recent times is faster, and the players have a higher chance of getting hit. However, this is one of the few baseball batting helmets that can face all fastballs. 

It has very high performance and IMPAX padding that absorbs force and dissipates it for general protection. This helmet will let you change the flap whether you want it in the forward or backward direction. 

Air circulation will not be a problem due to its plenty of ventilation holes. It makes use of shock-absorbing materials that are very efficient. Interestingly, there will be no skin irritation complaints with this batting helmet. 

Why we love it

This is the helmet I use to protect my face from those fast pitches. It protects the player from increased impact balls and high-pitched balls. 


  • NOCSAE approved
  • Heat absorbing fabric liner 
  • No obstructive vision. 
  • Thinner cushioning and foam. 
  • Designed for left and right-handed batters.


  • The fitting can be a nightmare
  • Understandably expensive

Considerations when choosing the best youth baseball helmets 

One thing you must understand about getting the right youth baseball helmet is that it can be overwhelming to seek the one that best fits and is perfect for your game. 

There are vital aspects of the baseball helmet that you should focus on, and some of them are: 

What size to choose?

A vital aspect when buying a baseball helmet is its size. And, to get the ideal size, you will have no choice but to measure your head or the athlete that needs it. It can get whipped off if your helmet is too big for your head. 

This is bad and worse; it can lead to injury to the head when struck by a ball. On the other hand, if it is too small, it will not only cut off circulation in your head, which is dangerous, but the helmet will not protect you if you get struck. 

In other words, your helmet will need to be properly fitted to offer you a comfortable fit that is also snug. You must check a specific size chart before you make your big purchase. 

As stated in this article, use a measuring tape from your forehead to all around your head and back to your forehead. 

Is there a brand you like?

We recommend that you buy helmets made by highly reputable brands. Some of these reputable brands are Rawlings, Easton, and Mizuno, to name a few. 

The reason for this choice is that their baseball helmets come with the guarantee of comfort, reliability, and, of course, durability. 

Better the quality, better the helmet

If you never knew, most baseball helmets normally come with a label telling you if you should throw them away after using them for a while or if they can be repaired. 

So, when checking for the best youth baseball helmet, this is an important factor you should not forget. 

Is the faceguard important?

The majority of the best batting helmets come with a faceguard that helps protect your mouth and nose from injuries as the game begins. Interestingly, you can buy helmets that have partial face guards. 

This will assist in protecting your face without having your vision impaired. Most of these types are crafted with a metal bracket that will cut across the midsection of the player’s face. 

A full-face guard will use a sturdy material like plexiglass, which helps protect the eyes. Plus, a metal bracket will cover the mouth. 

How good is your helmet maintenance?

Because it is a helmet, it does not mean it should be tossed and kept however you like. You do not expect the helmet to take care of you on the pitch when you do not take care of it when you are off the pitch. 

In other news, look after your helmet with great care. Most of the best baseball helmets are crafted to withstand a ball traveling up to ninety mph. 

However, you will experience natural wear and tear when the ball hits you repeatedly or if you have used the helmet for years. You are not to leave your helmet in the sun as it will result in the padding getting overheated. It will harden and break. 

You are to store the helmet inside the home or in a protective case where it will not be damaged accidentally. 

You need the helmet to fit

This also has to do with the size of the helmet you purchase, as the size you choose will need to fit you properly. The only way to check if any of the best baseball helmets are your ideal size is to place them over your head. 

When it is on your head, shake the head in alternate ways. If the helmet moves around as you shake it, you will need a smaller one to get a snug fit. However, the helmet is meant to remain positioned above the eyebrow. 

And, it has to evenly cover every area of your head. If you do not put it on correctly, you can risk getting injured as you run all around the field. You can also risk injury from ill-fitting helmets. This is the same as when you were trying to choose the best fastpitch softball gloves.

Double or single ear guard?

Some of the best baseball helmets and even softball helmets come with ear guards that help in the protection of the upper body. The flaps in these ear guards will assist in covering your ears if the ball gets to hit you. 

You will need to take your time getting used to wearing the ear guards because they prevent you from hearing perfectly, unlike when you do not wear them. Some players prefer to buy helmets with just one ear guard so they can communicate with their team without much hassle. 

You must review the rules of the league you will be playing to ensure that you follow them correctly. You go with the helmet with one ear guard; ensure the flap faces the pitcher for adequate protection. 

When choosing the ideal helmet, you will need to choose a single or dual flap one as it is with the ear guards. Note that single ear flap helmets are not common in amateur baseball leagues. Some experts wear a single flap helmet that covers only the ear facing the pitcher.

Meanwhile, the dual-flap ones have two ear flaps responsible for protecting your two ears. These ones come in diverse sizes for any age. 

Heavy or lightweight helmet?

The baseball helmet, like the softball helmet, should never feel like a huge or heavy load on the head of the player. If it is heavy, playing properly will be hard to do. And for this reason, manufacturers make use of materials that are lightweight and solid. 

In other news, any helmet you purchase must weigh no more than two pounds. If it exceeds, it will be too heavy to handle. A heavy helmet will not need extra protection as they are rather prone to injuries. Check for the weight before making any purchase, as the heavy helmet will affect your neck and head. 

Like with the best baseball catcher gear, you need to pick one with the right weight balance.

What’s your helmet price range?

When it comes to the cost, the average price range you will find out there for any baseball helmet is between twenty-five and seventy-five dollars. As you get ready to buy one, ensure it is within your budget and the stated price range. 

Understand that the price will differ from one brand to the next and be affected by the materials used in its construction and the design you want. More specifically, its type will determine whether it is expensive or inexpensive. The standard open-face helmet will cost far less than jaw guard types. 

Check out our best baseball glove if you are looking for quality gloves in 2023.

Helmet durability is important

Since helmets are crafted to withstand or resist the hit from high impact, there will be heightened chances that they will get bad or damaged within some time. However, you must check the durability of any helmet you buy as it will help you avoid spending much. 

In doing this, you must check the helmet’s warranty period, material, and construction before buying the right helmet. The factors above will assist you in determining the durability of the product and can never be overlooked. 

How to clean and sanitize the helmet 

If you never knew, when you get the best youth baseball helmet, you have to clean and sanitize it regularly. This will assist in preventing any form of bacteria from growing. It will also prevent dirt and odors from building up. If you want to keep the helmet clean, the steps to follow are: 

  • Before you clean your helmet, ensure you embark on brushing off and removing the lost dirt. You can get this task done by using a dry wipe. You must get your helmet free from all clumps and chunks of dirt. 
  • Use a mild detergent such as dish soap and warm water to clean your helmet. The interior and exterior should be wiped using a sponge. 
  • After cleaning, allow the helmet to dry before applying any disinfecting spray completely. Leave it to dry once more. 

As you get all of the above done, do not use harsh cleaning agents or chemicals on the helmet. If you do so, you will end up degrading its materials. And do not use harsh scrubbers to scrub the helmet. 

Using harsh scrubbers will ruin the color on its exterior and leave your helmet with some scratches. When you are through with the cleaning and disinfecting, leave the helmet to dry fully before you use it again. 

When can I replace my helmet? 

Understand that there are times when it is difficult to know the exact time to replace your youth baseball helmet with a new one. Nevertheless, there are little tell-tale signs that you should look out for when you plan on getting a replacement. They are: 

Broken padding 

When the helmet’s interior padding loses its shape, rips, or falls out, it is time to get yourself or your kid a new helmet. A baseball helmet that does not have any padding can be quite unsafe. 

It will be unsafe because it will not provide you with the adequate protection you need as you play the game. A product you can buy due to its long-lasting and superior padding is none but the Rawlings Mach Matte helmet. 

Incorrect fit 

Those with kids growing fast may likely notice that the helmet will begin to feel hard to wear on the head or tight in a very uncomfortable way. 

When you notice this, it is time to get a new helmet that will protect your kid and ensure they are comfortable as they play. The Rawlings R16 matte helmet is ultra comfortable for the job. 

Broken exterior 

When you see the hard exterior shell of the helmet heavily dented or scratched, you must get a new helmet as soon as possible. This is because the exterior shell protects, or the outer shell acts as a protective shield. 

It is vital that if you want to avoid head injuries, you wear a helmet that comes with its shell intact. A solid exterior can be gotten from the Rawlings Coolflo t-ball batting helmet. 

Some of these factors also work if you are looking to replace youth catcher gear.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does my helmet meet the NOCSAE standard?

NOCSAE refers to the national operating committee on standards for athletic equipment. It involves intermediary or third-party certifications that will endorse the safety of every piece of athletic equipment, which includes baseball and softball helmets. 
The NOCSAE standards will have to be met for the baseball and softball helmets you want to get either for the youth in your life, a high schooler, or an adult.

Should I get a caged helmet?

Some baseball players prefer caged helmets as they give them the extra protection they desire. However, some players avoid wearing these helmets as they find them distracting. 
On a normal day, these caged helmets come with removable cages, so you can actually purchase such a head protector and even take off the cage if you wish. Some helmets come with a jaw guard and are great for young players.

Which material is the best for a youth baseball helmet?

On a general note, baseball helmets are usually made from ABS, making most lightweight and highly durable. When purchasing baseball helmets, it is advisable to check what the inner and outer shell material is made up of. 
This is because some inner shells are made from foam, gel, advanced foam, and a mixture of fabrics.

When should I change my baseball helmet?

The frequency or timing of baseball helmet replacements is not predetermined. It goes without saying that you should replace or repair your helmet if you see it is scuffed or damaged. However, if you’re still seeking a definitive response, NOCSAE has said that any helmet older than ten years isn’t eligible for recertification, necessitating replacement.


As it stands, we have provided you with some of the best youth baseball helmets that you will find out there when you are set to go shopping for one. Ensure you read through our list to make an informed decision.

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