Under Armour Catchers Gear: MLB Players Top Choice 2022

If you want to be one of the best catchers, you will need the skills and the equipment on your journey to the top. One of the best manufacturers of top catchers gear is Under Armour.

In our article, we will be reviewing a few Under Armour catchers gear and their unique features and benefits. Different UA catchers gear classes serve players of different skill and experience levels.

In my UA review article, we will be looking at the three top catchers gear available in the market.

Under Armour Catchers Gear

Under Armour UA Pro 4


  • Chest Protector: 16.5″
  • Leg Guards: 16.5″
  • Helmet: 7-7.5″
  • NOCSAE Chest Protector Standard

Chest Protector:

Firstly, this Under Armour catchers gear has complete over the shoulder protection along with adjustable shoulder caps. Therefore you will have added protection with a custom fit and feel. Also, the throat, sternum, and shoulder area have plastic inserts.

These provided necessary protection by dispersing impacts. The whole chest protector comes with a four point harness that is adjustable for better fit and feel. It also has AEGIS Microbe Shield, which removes bacteria and odor.

Moreover, the flat chest area is designed to control ball rebound direction. Finally, this is also a breathable and lightweight chest protector.

Leg Guards:

To start, the leg guards use high impact PE plastics parts with extra thick plastic in areas of high use. Additionally, the shin portion has large vent holes for better airflow, while the backing is breathable.

Believe it or not, these leg guards’ plastic shell has memories! By which we mean that it flexes and curls around your leg for a custom fit. AEGIS Microbe Shield is also included to remove bacteria and odor.

Both the knee and the shin guard can be removed, repositioned, and machine washable. The straps of the leg guards are neoprene for additional comfort.


Overall this is one of the better helmets that came out of UA. This UA Pro 4 helmet is one of their professional/college level helmet that uses high-impact resistant ABS plastic. Therefore catchers will have better head protection against any stray pitches.

Additionally, the helmet also comes with large scoop vents for more airflow, making it more breathable as well as better heat management. Moreover, you will find Under Armour’s patented I-bar steel cage on this helmet.

The steel cage isn’t mounted onto the helmet’s forehead so that you will have better force re-direction.


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Complete protection
  • Adjustable
  • Multiple colors
  • Stylish design


  • Best for experienced players
  • Higher-end model

Under Armour Converge Victory Intermediate


  • Chest Protector: 15.5″
  • Leg Guards: 14″
  • Helmet: 7-7.5″
  • Includes throat guard

Chest Protector:

This is another model of Under Armour catchers gear that provides complete protection. The chest protector has over the shoulder protection as well as adjustable shoulder caps. Moreover, there are plastic inserts around the throat, sternum, and shoulders for added protection.

The chest protector has the four point harness installed for a better and custom fit. With AEGIS Microbe Shield, you won’t have to worry about bacteria and foul odor like other brands’ chest protectors.

Leg Guards:

The Converge Victory leg guards use high impact resistant PE plastic with additional thick plastic. Moreover, this combination of PE plastic and thick plastic gives the catchers more protection around areas with high usage.

UA added a mobile double knee design on these leg guards for greater mobility alongside the impact absorbing knee pads. Furthermore, the shin and knee have large vents to make them more breathable; also, they can be repositioned and machine washed. 


Finally, we have the solid modeled mask designed helmet with a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell. The steel cage of the Converge Victory is an I-BAR VISION that increases the catcher’s cage strength and vision(duh).

The helmet’s inner liner is soft, breathable, and has moisture wicking capability. Overall the helmet is solid and has a glossy finish as a bonus.


  • NOCSAE certified
  • Durable
  • Adjustable fit and feel
  • Sporty design
  • Complete protection
  • Greater flexibility


  • Only for intermediate players

Under Armour PTH Victory Youth


  • Chest Protector: 14.5″
  • Leg Guards: 13″
  • Helmet: 6.25-7″
  • Helmet SEI certified

Chest Protector:

Similar to other Under Armour catchers gear chest protectors, the PTH Victory youth model comes with complete protection. On top of that, the chest protector also has fully adjustable shoulder caps.

This model inserted moldable plastic in the throat, sternum, and shoulder to protect these vulnerable areas better. The entire chest protector has been designed to be lightweight and breathable for greater comfort. Additionally, this four point harness protector is machine washable.

Leg Guards:

In order to prevent the leg guards from cracking, UA made them with high PE plastic with extra thick plastic. The shin has moldable plastic that gives you a custom fit. There are vent holes in the sin and knee for greater airflow.

Also, this AEGIS Microbe Shielded leg guard is repositionable and machine washable.


The PTH Victory youth catcher’s mask is NOCSAE approved and has an ABS plastic shell. The inner liner is made with dual density moisture wicking foam for better comfort and heat management. In particular, UA added an I-BAR steel cage for an increased range of vision and cage durability,e. Finally, the helmet also has AEGIS Microbe Shield for protection against bacteria and bad odor.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to wear
  • Greater comfort
  • Flexible design
  • Multiple colors
  • Full protection


  • Only for 7-9-year-olds

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which is the best Under Armour catchers gear?

According to my experience and research, I believe that the UA Pro 4 is the best Under Armour catchers gear on the market. I can tell you that Pro 4 has some of the best protection and features that make playing catcher with this gear very comfortable.

How to size baseball catchers gear?

Since a baseball catcher gear has multiple parts, you need to measure them separately. First comes the catcher’s chest protector, the biggest piece of equipment and the most important. To measure your chest protector size, you need to measure from the shoulder to the waist. To measure the knee guards, start measuring from the middle of the knee to the top of the ankle. Finally, for the mask, there are only two sizes; youth and adult.

What catchers gear do MLB pros wear?

MLB pro players use custom made baseball catchers gear which is later sold was different models. For the most part, the popular choices for catchers gear amongst pro players are Under Armour, Mizuno, All-Star, Rawling, and Easton.

What is the difference between softball and baseball catchers gear?

Both the helmets and leg guards of catchers gear for softball and baseball are the same. Only the chest protectors are different because softball chest protectors need to fit the female body differently.


Now that I have reviewed the best UA catchers gear, I hope you have found it interesting and valuable. Over the years, Under Armour catchers gear has been chosen by some of the best catchers in the game.

Suppose you want to buy one of these catchers gear, you need to follow the best catcher gear buying guide. Using this review article, you might become another one of those catchers who make a splash in baseball history.

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