How Much Is A Bo Jackson Baseball Card Worth? (2022)

Bo Jackson is a household name. The former professional baseball and football player was a superstar athlete in the 1980s and early 1990s. However, his popularity transcended sports, and he was a widely recognizable personality in the country. Due to his popularity, his baseball cards are in high demand and can be worth a lot of money. 

So, how much is a Bo Jackson baseball card worth? It depends on the card, of course, but some of the more rare and valuable cards can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a Bo Jackson baseball card, you might just be sitting on a small fortune.

Bo Jackson and his career

Bo Jackson is a former baseball player who had a successful career in both the majors and minors. Jackson’s baseball card is worth a lot of money to collectors because of his success on the field. He played both sports till the Kansas City Royals drafted him in 1986. He was named an All-Star in 1989 and 1990 and won the American League (AL) Most Valuable Player Award in 1989. Unfortunately, Jackson’s baseball career was cut short by a hip injury. Still, he was included in the MLB Hall of Fame in the year 2006.

Why is Bo Jackson so famous?

Bo Jackson was an incredible athlete who excelled in baseball and football. He was also a charismatic personality with a willingness to engage with fans. As a result, Jackson’s baseball cards are highly sought after by collectors, and his 1986 Fleer card is considered one of the most valuable cards of all time. A rare mint condition Jackson card can be worth upwards of a few thousand dollars.

Bo Jackson’s skills as a baseball player are legendary. He was the first player in baseball history to have 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in the same season. In addition, he is the only person to win the Heisman Trophy, the Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year Award, and the Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award.

A Bo Jackson baseball card worth: How much?

Bo Jackson was an athlete during the ’80s. Sports cards were manufactured in numbers during this era. Therefore, a Bo Jackson baseball card would usually not cost an arm and a leg. However, a few rare collections may logically cost a lot of money. 

The average worth of a Bo Jackson Baseball card

A graded Bo Jackson baseball card will cost you around 15 to 50 dollars if it is in near mint condition. If the PSA value of the card is above 9 or the card is in gem mint condition, then the price would be increased to around USD 70. However, if the card is not graded, then its value can be only a few dollars. Therefore, the cheapest Bo Jackson raw trading cards would cost you only a few cents. 

Price of the rare collections

Rarity plays a vital role in the valuation of a trading card. It is valid for the Bo Jackson baseball cards as well. The exorbitant price of a rare collection is because there are fewer of them in circulation and they are more difficult to find.

A rare Bo Jackson baseball card can be a few hundred dollars even if it is raw. If the same card is graded by a professional company, the price would be raised to another few hundred dollars. If the card is autographed, from a special edition, or has any rare marking then the card will be priced higher than usual. For example, a raw Bo Jackson baseball card with a rare yellow spot and missing trademark was priced at $150. This card should not be priced more than 10 dollars without these rare attributes. 

A gold parallel Bo Jackson 2013 PSA 10 card was priced at $500. The most expensive Bo Jackson cards would have similar price tags. However, the number of these types of expensive cards is not that much.

How to value a baseball card?

The popularity of the player

A baseball card of a star player is worth more because the player is in high demand. The player’s autograph is also worth more because it is rare. The value of a baseball card is often related to the player’s performance. A card featuring a star player is worth more than a card featuring a less popular player. 

If the player is more popular and in demand, the player’s card is worth more to collectors. Additionally, star players tend to have longer careers and be more successful than other players. Their cards are also more valuable in terms of historical significance.

Printing year

The printing year of a baseball card can affect its price because cards from specific years are rarer than others. For example, a card from the 1950s will be worth more than a card from the 1990s because fewer cards were printed in the 1950s. Likewise, a card from a player’s rookie year may be more valuable than a card from a later year because there may be fewer of them in circulation.

Card Condition

The value of a baseball card is affected by its condition. A card in pristine condition is worth more than a card with a few bends or creases. The most valuable cards are those that have been well-preserved and are in mint condition. A baseball card that is in poor condition will be harder to sell and, therefore, will be less valuable. The condition of the card reflects the card’s quality. It also affects its aesthetics, which can be important to collectors.

Grading of the card

A graded baseball card is worth more because it has been assessed by a professional company and given a condition rating. This rating lets collectors know the card’s condition, which is essential for determining its value. A card with a higher grade is worth more than a card with a lower quality.

PSA, CSG, and Beckett are three professional companies that grade baseball cards. The criteria to grade cards are different for all these different companies. However, PSA is generally considered the most strict and demanding of the three. At the same time, SGC is usually seen as more lenient. Beckett is somewhere in the middle.


Printing variations can definitely affect a card’s price, especially if the card is rare. For example, a Bo Jackson baseball card from the 1986 Topps set might be worth more if it’s the variation with Jackson batting left-handed instead of right-handed.

A printing variation is when the factory has made a change to the card. Usually, the changes can be minor, such as a small change or removal of the photographer’s name or logo. However, sometimes we see major changes to the cards, and they no longer look like the original. 

A card manufacturer might change the logo, the card number, or the player’s name. This variation may decrease or increase the value of the card. For example, a baseball card with the athlete’s autograph would cost far more than the fresh version. For example, a grade 9 Bo Jackson 1986 Topps traded with no signature would cost around $50. In contrast, the autographed version of the same card with the same condition grade would cost around $900.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I know if my Bo Jackson baseball card is valuable?

To determine whether the trading card is valuable, you need to first check the card’s condition. If the card is in mint condition, it will be more valuable than a card that is in poor condition. Look for any special features on the card that make it rare or unique. If the card is a limited edition or has a special autograph, it will be worth more. Finally, check the value of similar cards to get more ideas about the value of your card.

What are some of the most popular baseball trading cards?

Some of the most popular baseball trading cards include those of iconic players such as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, as well as cards from more recent stars like Ichiro Suzuki and Albert Pujols. Other popular trading cards feature team logos or memorabilia, and many collectors also enjoy cards with unique or rare designs.

Where can I sell my Bo Jackson baseball card?

You may sell the card in different ways. One option is to go to a local card shop and see if they are interested in purchasing it. Another option is to sell it online through a website or online auction. Another option is to contact a Bo Jackson memorabilia dealer to see if they would be interested in buying the card.

What is the most expensive Bo Jackson baseball card?

The most expensive Bo Jackson Baseball card would cost you around $2000. I have seen a 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany Bo Jackson rookie card with a PSA 10 value of $2250. That’s the highest value I have seen for a Bo Jackson baseball card.


A Bo Jackson baseball card can cost up to a few hundred dollars. The price may vary depending on the card’s condition, market condition, rarity, and many other factors. I have seen some unrealistic prices of the Bo Jackson trading cards on the marketplace. Therefore, I recommend avoiding raw cards if you intend to buy a baseball card. Because there are frauds in the market, you should spend a bit more money and buy a card graded by a professional card grading company.

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