Best Baseball Glove Repair Kit Of 2023: Premium Choices Made Easy For You

For the best baseball gloves even at a low price, you will need the best baseball glove repair kits. However, now and again, they need some lacing to keep them up to the task. Suppose you want to get those done through a professional; that is up to you. However, just be warned that it can take you somewhere around $100. But a baseball glove repair kit will do the best job.

For this reason, whether you are in New York like me or from another state, getting a good repair kit is a must. But, even with the covid situation in 2021, baseball must go on.  Read our articles on this website, and you will see that baseball is something we know about.

On the other hand, if you do it yourself with a baseball repair kit, at best, it will take half as much. Doing the task isn’t as hard as one might think. For your sake, we have attached a re-lacing instructional video at the end of this article.

But from the title of this article, you know that we aren’t here for relacing lessons. In fact, this article has been written for you to find the best baseball glove repair kit on the market now. We have bought and tested the four best baseball glove repair kits, and now we will tell you about them.

Best Baseball Glove Repair Kit of 2022

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit

Are you looking for a baseball equivalent of a first-aid kit? Then look no further than the Wilson A2000 baseball glove care kit. It’s got all you need to take care of your favorite gloves.

Chiefly, all their reviews talk about how their product was able to meet all their needs. Just like their gloves the care kit has also received multiple 5-star ratings on Amazon and similar websites. Furthermore, the glove is a well-known choice of some New York Yankees.

In fact, it comes with a tan and black rawhide lace, an awl, cutters, lacing tools, glove oil, brush, and even threading needles. Of course, you won’t have to request any more tools after getting your Wilson glove care set. Moreover, I have been using Wilson for a long time now, and every one of their items has been great.

It must be remembered that the product is truly a first aid kit for baseball glove repairing. It has everything you need to repair any baseball glove in one convenient package.

On top of that, it contains a how-to guide on relacing, reviving, and reshaping your glove. Since this is one of the top products it should be on all our wish lists.

Best Seller


  • Has many tools
  • Has a guide on relacing, reviving, and reshaping

Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit

On the other hand, if you aren’t a fan of Wilson products for whatever reason, don’t be discouraged Markwort has got you. Markwort Delux Pro Relacer is similar to the product mentioned above.

Their reviews talk about how solid the set is and how well it works. While Markwort may not be on the same level as Wilson their kit still received many 5 star ratings.

Also, you will get in the white hardcover three laces, u wire steel needle, a steel lacing tool, and a leather punch. Sadly, Markwort doesn’t provide any glove oil or brush.

Furthermore, the product contains a detailed instruction manual by John Mathes, arguably the most experienced relacer in California.

Best Seller


  • Has a detailed guide by John Mathes
  • No oil or brush

TOFL Baseball and Softball Mitt Lace Repair Kit

A frequent name you might hear when you are trying to find the best baseball glove repair kit is TOFL. From lace repair kits to mitt repair kits, they make some of the best glove repair tools. Using some of the best lace material for quality support and strength, you will be able to repair your glove quite well with the TOFL repair kit and make them look as good as new.

This repair kit from TOFL comes with two cowhide leather strips, each 72 inches long (182.88 centimeters) and 3/16 inch wide (4.80 millimeters). One of them is to repair your pocket, while the other will be used to repair your fingers. Your glove will be as good as new because they are using premium quality cowhide.

These laces are suitable for both baseball and softball, so no worries there. We have used these laces on Rawlings, Mizuno, and other brand gloves with no issues. Another fantastic advantage of these laces is that they come in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize them exactly how you want. 

Best Seller


  • Affordable choice
  • Numerous colors to choose from
  • Premium quality cowhide laces

Covey Sports Baseball/Softball Black Glove Repair Lacing Kit (from Rawlings)

Surprisingly it’s a product of Rawlings Sports Goods. The Corvey Sports glove repair kit is a solid product. While not being a complete restoration kit, it still gets the job done. Rawlings is a well-known company, and all the products in their line deliver success.

Keep in mind the product includes in its packaging a steel awl restringing tool and tan rawhide glove laces. Moreover, Rawling provides this kit four 72 inches long and 3/16 inches wide leather laces for free. The laces come in two color variants, black and tan. 

Regrettably, It doesn’t include an instruction manual but never fears, and we got you. Henceforth we have attached a helpful video at the end to cover all bases.

Best Seller


  • Has a detailed guide by
  • Give four laces for free
  • Laces in black and tan
  • No guide included

Professional Baseball Glove Re-Lacer Kit with Tools and Leather Laces

Surprisingly this one is a beginner-friendly relacing kit. Its got all the tools you need to start learning and repairing your glove all on your own. 

The kit comes with the usual gimmicks. In addition, it contains some laces, a leather pouch, a leather cutter tool, an L-tote tool, a u-wire needle, and a steel lacing tool. Sadly, ones again no protective cover. 

Unlike the kit from Rawling, this one does have an instruction manual that is simple to follow. But if you need some additional support, our video will help you out.

Best Seller


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Has additional tools different from other brands

EASTON Baseball Softball Glove Lacing Kit

Easton is a household name in the baseball and softball equipment market. Manufacturers of Easton use their access to get the highest grade material for all their products; the customer account tells their success.

The Easton baseball and softball glove fastener product makes the relacing process quicker and more efficient. It comes with a 5″ needle included for binding repairs and a 3/16″ X 48″ rawhide leather cord in both tan and black color.

For one thing, a company that has been doing this since the 1920s is to be expected. All their items are of the highest quality. The products speak for themselves, and you are sure to find them to your liking.

Best Seller


  • Trusted brand with years of service
  • Made only with high-quality materials

TOFL Softball and Baseball Glove Lace Kit

TOFL is another company whose account is filled with positive reviews. This set has all the answers to your glove fixing needs. The items included will help in fixing most glove models, such as Rawlings. In particular, it comes in a variety of color and is quite easy to use.

Some of the item included are 6 3/16″ X 48″ authentic cowhide cords and a heavy-duty needle. Furthermore, when purchasing, you can select from a number color pattern. Any of the color will be a perfect match to brand gloves like Rawlings.

We were able to make sure that you can order and review the product through our affiliated link.

Best Seller


  • Easy and works on most brand gloves
  • Laces comes in multiple colors

Why Should You Buy and Keep A Baseball Repair Kit?

Repair kits are something that’s good to have but isn’t needed always. To repeat glove laces tearing is something that often happens, so having a tool kit will be helpful. 

Using a repair service for this relacing will cost you way more than necessary. So having a case on hand will be a budget-saving investment.   

The set has items that will help you play if you have an accident with your glove. To emphasize this makers of the set make sure to select items that will help you in any situation.

So read our review and order one of the products from the list so that you can also avoid an accident.

Step by Step Glove Relacing Instruction

Relacing isn’t a task that needs a lot of time to be learned. However, practicing the task a few times on your gloves will be more than enough to understand it. 

Buy a kit from us and practice as much as you need at home. We’ve collected and attached the video down below to help you see and learn the process.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to oil a baseball glove?

Firstly oil the pocket of the baseball glove. Make sure to add a small amount and spread it out well. Secondly, oil the thumb and forefinger of the glove to keep them flexible.
Once the oiling is finished, dry out the gloves in a cool and dry place. Finally, break in the glove by following our instructional article.

How to clean a baseball glove?

Cleaning a baseball glove is rather easy but people think it’s not. First, wipe the glove with a clean towel to remove dirt and stain. Second, let the glove dry out naturally for a period of time. The third is applying glove conditioner in a small amount. And finally shaping the glove either with rubber bands or a glove mallet.

How to size a baseball glove?

Here is a simple explanation for anyone not sure how to size your baseball glove. To figure out your baseball glove size just measure your dominant hand. Go from the tip of your index finger to the base of the hand heel.

Is there a good baseball glove for 10 year olds?

For me, Rawlings Select Pro Lite is the best choice for youth baseball gloves. Rawlings is the top choice for me when it comes to gloves since my rookie days. Rawlings has never once disappointed me with their glove designs and the Select Pro is no different.


Buying and storing the best baseball glove repair kit close to you will be like having a first-aid kit for any baseball glove mishap. The glove is essential equipment for enjoying a baseball game. Therefore, you need to take good care of your necessary equipment. If you want to know which one is my favorite, then it will have to be the Wilson A2000 or the Rawlings with the covey. I might be a Boston Red Sox fan, but like the New York Yankees will choose the Wilson A200.

Ensure to oil the glove at least once a year for peak performance. In addition, relace and repair the glove to secure the best performance possible. Above all else, know that proper and helpful usage of tools led to a cleaner game.

Add one of them into your cart, and thanks for choosing to use our links for any glove fixing needs. All the products on all our lists can be delivered all over the USA and Canada.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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