How To Become A Bullpen Catcher? Requirements and Skills Explained

Many coaches are available in Major League Baseball, the one that catches people’s attention is the bullpen catcher. People have asked how to become a bullpen catcher over time. Today we will enlighten you on how to be one. Keep reading. 

Becoming a bullpen catcher 

Before we delve into how to become a bullpen catcher, you must understand that the bullpen catcher catches pitches very well. 

The popular route people follow to be bullpen catchers is spending many years playing as catchers in the minor leagues. While there, the players learn how to receive the pitched balls and the nuances that pitchers appreciate. 

In becoming a bullpen catcher, the best thing to do is to get behind the plate early enough by playing college baseball and trying your hands in the minor leagues. 

This may seem easy, but the truth is that only some will get the opportunity. And if you are serious about becoming one, you need to:

  • Know the game 
  • Learn how to take a pitch 
  • Work with various pitchers

And best of all, be capable of being a jack of all trades in baseball. While the bullpen catcher job is underrated, it is not underappreciated in any way. 

You can start learning how to become a bullpen catcher by being the bullpen pitcher for a minor league team; the pay is not big. 

But you can keep your eye on the price and get to be an MLB bullpen catcher by having very good experience behind the plate. More so, you should have professional baseball knowledge to help the pitchers. 

Remember that most MLB teams mostly have a minimum of one bullpen catcher, while others have up to two. Here, the catchers will help the players warm up during their practice and games. 

For teams with up to two bullpen catchers, one may work with the team pitchers while the other will work with the hitters. To be the best bullpen catcher you need the best baseball catchers mitt, check out our reviews.

Some skills you will need as you learn how to become a bullpen catcher are: 


You will need to be flexible because you will have to perform lots of tasks like hitting groundless or throwing baseballs to outfielders. 

Physical stamina 

This is needed as there are days you will need to catch up to two hundred pitches. More so, you may have to rub baseballs, keep the ball buckets full and even rove around to attend to the needs of players. 

How To Become A Bullpen Catcher
How To Become A Bullpen Catcher

Who is a bullpen catcher? 

Now that you know how to become a bullpen catcher, you must remember that the bullpen catcher is usually personnel on the team whose primary duty is to act as a catcher.

He does this when the relief pitchers get warmed up in the bullpen before entering their game. 

More so, the bullpen catcher will sometimes act as the active pitcher between the innings when regular catchers put on their equipment. They wear uniforms with numbers but are not considered to be coaches. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much do bullpen catchers make?

A bullpen catcher can make between sixty thousand dollars to one hundred and ten thousand dollars yearly. 

Can I pursue a career as a bullpen catcher?

Yes, you can. It is regarded as a dream job as you get to play a role in how some of the best pitchers in the world perform. 


Have you been thinking about how to become a bullpen catcher? No need to rack your brains anymore, as we have provided you with every detail you need to know.

Ensure you read through to learn the skills you need.

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