Wilson A900 Pedroia Fit Glove Review: Complete Guide of 2022

Wilson A900 Pedroia fit glove is one of the best choices for the youth and the adults with small hands. This glove is not as expensive as the A2000 series but still works for the purpose well. In this article, I am going to review Wilson A900 Pedroia fit glove so that you can understand whether it should be a good deal for you or not.

Features and specifications at a glance


Wilson A900 Pedroia Fit

Glove Type



11.5'' - Pedroia fit

Hand Orientation

Right-hand throw


British Tan/Black


Full leather


H Web

Age Range

Youth / Adult with small hand

Break-in Period

Less than average


Field position

The Wilson A900 Pedroia fit 11.5’’ glove is for the infielders. The A900 series have gloves for other field potions as well but they are not Pedroia fit. More models of Pedroia fit gloves are available in the adult glove series such as Wilson A2000.

Web pattern

This Wilson infielder’s glove has an H web pattern. H web is a common pattern for the majority of the infielder’s glove for Wilson. Other than this, you can find T post or cross-web patterns in high-end infielder’s gloves of Wilson. As an infielder’s glove, it needs to have an open web pattern. An H web will be just perfect for a quicker glove-to-hand transfer. Therefore, you can pluck the ball from the glove more easily.

Hand orientation

This glove is readily available for the right-hand thrower. A right-hand thrower throws the ball by the right hand and catches by the left hand. Therefore, he wears the glove on his left hand. However, the majority of the baseball players are right-handed. Therefore, gloves for the lefthanders are not very common. But managing it is not impossible.

Leather quality

The A900 Pedroia fit glove is a full leather construction. Therefore, the quality of the glove is better than other popular series such as A500 or A800. Although the quality is not as good as A1000 or A2000 but compared with the gloves of the same price range, it is far better.

Age range

The Wilson A900 Pedroia fit glove is a youth glove. This glove is best for anyone in middle or high school. However, as it is Pedroia fit glove, it is also suitable for adults with smaller hands. Additionally, there are some adult players who like tight-fitted gloves. This Pedroia fit glove is also suitable for them.

Price and value for money

The A900 is a just above 100 dollar baseball glove. Comparing all the features with the price, I can say that it gives a great value for each penny you spend. It has some features that you can not buy at this price from other brands. Since its price is so affordable it makes for one of the best baseball gifts you can give someone.

Break-in time

You need to break in all the gloves that use leather. Therefore, Wilson A900 requires breaking in before you start playing. Also, Superior quality leather is stiffer. Therefore, gloves that make use of premium quality leather, require more time to prepare for the game. However, the A900 is a beginner’s glove. The leather quality is just average. Therefore, the leather is not that stiff when you unbox it. You can prepare it for the game within a couple of weeks if you break it in properly.

Best Choice

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Highly recommended baseball gloves

The A900 series of Wilson baseball gloves have a clean old-school look with its British Tan and Black leather with classic Wilson Gold and Black logos. Even better -- grounders, line drives, and fly balls don't stand a chance with a glove that's ready right away. There's no long winter break-in or sore knuckles punching the leather. Your A900 will be ready when you are.

Advantages of Wilson A900 Pedroia fit glove

  • The full leather construction of the A900 series is its prime advantage. At the price of this glove, you will get a synthetic one from other brands.
  • It has a low-profile heel construction that is a great advantage when dealing with ground balls.
  • As a leather-made glove, A900 is more durable and comfortable compared to other similarly priced gloves.
  • It has double palm protection on the front side of the glove. Therefore, it can absorb the maximum shock of the ball.
  • This A900 glove requires a little breaking in. A young player who is just starting the game does not like to spend a whole season to make the glove game ready.
  • Also, it is really easy to clean the inside of this glove.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

You can not get the glove out of the box and start playing. As this glove is constructed with leather, it requires breaking in. Although the break-in period is shorter compared to the high-end glove series.

Although Wilson A900 is a great value for money, it is not a pro-level glove. Adults and professionals should opt for the high-end A2000 series.

Should it be the right choice for you?

Wilson A900 Pedroia fit is an in-between glove. The persons who require an all-leather glove but can not afford an A2000 or A2k, then A900 can be a good deal.

Although this glove has been designed for the youth, it can be the choice for adults who prefer tight-fitting. This glove is also a good choice for persons with small hands. Apart from the fitness of the glove, Wilson made it in a way so that you can turn a double play more easily. It can deal with the bad hops effectively as well. Therefore, it is a perfect combination of fitness, comfort, and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a Pedroia Fit glove?

Pedroia fit glove was named after the former Major League player Dustin Pedroia. He had smaller hands. Therefore, he was in trouble finding a glove that fits well since he started practicing when he was a kid. After the baseball accessory manufacturer company Wilson noticed this, they took initiative to make a customized glove for him. The ball glove craftsman of Wilson Shigeaki Aso teaming with Dustin Pedroia developed a customized glove to solve this problem. That gloves were lined up for the players with smaller hands like Dustin Pedroia.

What is the difference between Pedroia fit and a regular Wilson glove?

The wrist strap of a Pedroia fit glove is smaller than usual. The hand stalls are also a little narrow so that it fits with a smaller hand. As the gloves are tightly-fitted, the laces are a little longer than usual. You can trim the laces or keep them as it is when using the glove.

Is Wilson A900 suitable for a child?

For a child below 10, this glove will be a little bigger. I would recommend them a smaller glove. A450 or A500 will be a preferred model for the children.

Can the adults use the A900 Pedroia fit glove?

Pedroia fit gloves are made for adults with smaller hands. These gloves are also suitable for adults who like a tightly fitted glove. This glove is also suitable for a 10/13-year-old boy.


As I mentioned earlier, Wilson A900 Pedroia fit glove is one of the best budget baseball gloves you can find. The customized Pedroia fit has made it suitable for both youth and adults with smaller hands. You can play all around the diamond with comfort as the palm protection feature and low heel profile will ensure the ease of opening and closure of the glove. Bottom line is that A900 Pedroia fit glove is the best choice for the youths who are just starting with baseball. It is always a good idea to start the game with a good-quality leather glove that needs less time to break-in.

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