Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Best of Rawlings 2022

We are reviewing Rawlings encore catchers mitts since it’s one of the big names in the baseball equipment manufacturing industry. Additionally, they have produced baseball glove science 1912 for a loyal user base ranging from professional to amateur. Remember we are talking about Rawlings catcher mitt and not their best catchers gear.
Rawlings has different baseball glove series for varying levels of ballplayers. Encore is the baseball glove series that has been designed targeting the youth. In this article, I will review Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt and find out how good it is for the players standing behind the plate.

Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Specifications


  Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt





Full leather construction

Break-in time

65% factory break-in

Age range

Youth ( 8 to 14)

Web pattern

1 piece closed



Hand Orientation

Right-hand throw







Model year



Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Features

Web pattern

A catcher’s mitt permanently has closed web construction. Likewise, Rawlings Encore mitt has a 1-piece closed web design. However, the half-moon web pattern is also not uncommon for the catcher’s glove. The modified web design of this mitt ensures the glove’s pocket is deeper. It also provides a comfortable opening and closure of the finger. 

Hand orientation

Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt is available for right-hand throwers only. Therefore, if you are among the few left-handed catchers, Encore has no option. Although Rawlings Encore offers left-handed gloves for other field positions such as first base and outfield. 

Break-in time

The Encore series glove comes in 65% factory break-in condition. It means the glove requires 35% player break-in. Your expertise depends on the amount of effort you need to prepare this mitt for the game. It may require around two weeks of practice for an experienced person to completely break it in. 

Leather quality

The shell of the Rawlings Encore uses high-quality leather. The leather is soft and durable. It will give you a game-ready feel right after it comes out of the box. The quality of the leather is as good as you expect from a glove of its price. 

Adjustable wrist opening

Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt has a pull lace mechanism to adjust the glove for the hand. Therefore, the wrist opening design provides comfort and a custom fit for hands of almost any size. In addition, it is an excellent option for persons who do not like the wrist strap system. A pull lace mechanism is preferred by almost everyone. 


The Encore catcher’s mitt is comfortable because of the quality of its soft leather. On top of that, a catcher’s mitt needs to have some other quality to prevent sting. The Encore catcher’s mitt has been designed so that the hand will automatically change the position from the impact zone of the ball when you catch it. It also has an index finger pad, advanced palm protection, and modified extended based to add comfort and safety to the hand. 


How good a mitt can catch is an essential feature of it. Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt has a modified web design that has extended the catching surface area. Therefore, it helps the catcher not miss a single throw from the pitcher. On top of that, the extended base of the glove makes a deeper pocket and eases the opening and closure of the glove. 


Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt has a 32 inches circumference. A catcher’s mitt like this one will fit a youth having an average hand size. There are no other size options other than this one. Therefore, adults with large hands may find difficulties fitting this mitt for their hands. 

Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Advantages 

  • Rawlings Encore catchers mitt uses pro soft leather. 
  • The all-leather construction glove is comfortable for the hands of the youth players. 
  • Because of the soft leather, you can break in the glove quite easily. 
  • The Encore catcher’s mitt has a deep pocket so that you can catch the ball comfortably. 
  • Because of the adaptive wrist strap, you can custom fit the glove according to your comfort. 
  • The 32 inches circumference of the glove will fit most youths with average and large hands. 
  • The modified base of the web makes ample room and enhances the catching surface area. 

Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Disadvantages

The break-in period of this glove is more than expected. Other similarly priced gloves from Rowlings are more accessible to break in than this one. As a result, an experienced person may require at least half a month to prepare this mitt for the game. 

Rawlings Encore Catchers Mitt: Who is this mitt for? 

Rawlings Encore is a youth glove series. The catcher’s mitt is no exception in targeting the young players. The size of the mitt and other qualities are a good fit for the players of intermediate level.

As I said above, the mitt is best for youth aged 8-14. It is a 32” mitt that will mostly fit the young players. For an adult, the recommended size of a catcher’s mitt is 32.5” or more. Although some adults with smaller hands may fit for a 32” mitt. It has a smaller finger stall that is better for the hands of youth. 

Even though the mitt is designed for the youth, it is not a beginner’s glove. It has the features that would like a ballplayer striving to get better behind the plate and take himself to the next level. The price of the mitt also resembles a mid-range glove.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Should Rawlings Encore fit an adult?

The Encore series gloves are designed for the youth. The size of this catcher’s mitt is 32”. Therefore, if an adult is habituated with such mitt size, he can choose this one. However, a catcher’s mitt for adults should have a circumference of around 33” or more. Only adults with smaller hands will desire a 32” catchers mitt. 

How many color variants does this mitt have?

The 2020 model variant of the Encore catcher’s mitt has multicolor with a combination of black, white, red, and golden. The latest 2022 model variant also has a multicolor option combined with black, gray, and silver. Color is a personal preference. To me, the 2022 model looks better. 

How good is this mitt to prevent the sting of the hard pitches?

Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt has added palm protection to reduce the shock of the difficult pitches. On top of that, the glove has been designed so that it changes the position of the hand away from the impact zone of the ball when the catcher catches the ball. 

What other gloves do the Encore series have apart from the catcher’s mitt?

Rawlings Encore series has all the glove variants for different field positions. In addition, it has options for the infield, first base, and outfield position other than the catcher’s mitt.


Rawlings Encore catcher’s mitt is undoubtedly one of the best options for catchers ranging from beginner to intermediate level alongside the Rawlings Player Preferred catchers mitt. It has a few great features that are commendable for a mitt of this price point.

Rawlings has some other options for the youth among the 65 different series of baseball gloves. The comfort and shock absorption mechanism have differentiated the Encore catcher’s mitt from others.

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